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Knowledge @ NASA
Published on Aug 4, 2017

This playlist provides broadly applicable engineering, programmatic, and logistics management lessons learned derived from the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) Transition and Retirement (T&R) Program. While the SSP T&R is unique in many respects (e.g., closing-out a program that spanned 30 years), the lessons learned are in most cases largely transferable to programs, projects, or organizations in change - any kind of transition, merger, fly-out, program cancellation, or end-of-program scenario. At a minimum, the SSP T&R experience (and this monograph) will assist organizations by providing a framework to successfully plan and implement change. An important feature of the SSP T&R story is the interaction between Space Shuttle Program culture and NASA institutional or functional management cultures and domains of expertise. The monograph chronicles the interactions, dependencies, challenges, and evolution of success between the SSP, Agency functional managers, and external stakeholders.


Introduction Video:

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