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Desktop Satellite Zero-G Simulator
« on: 03/30/2017 06:19 PM »
Hi All,

I wanted to know what everyone thought about an open source Desktop Satellite Zero-G Simulator with 1DOF.

The coolest part of the kit is the 1DOF inertial guidance system, based on a hobby-sized single gimbal control moment gyro and a digital magnetometer.  The Satellite kit bundles a complete nano-satellite's subsystems into a spherical cubesat sized space and leverages wireless inductive power to simulate the low-friction zero-gravity environment of space.

Please check it out.  Any and all feedback is welcome!

The complete assembly instructions on Instructables:

Complete 3D printable parts on Thingiverse:

PCB files and Arduino sketches on GitHub:

Thanks for your interest and feedback!


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Re: Desktop Satellite Zero-G Simulator
« Reply #1 on: 09/15/2017 12:23 AM »
Belated welcome to the board, awesome first post!

I was searching the board for "simulator" and came across your post :) Interesting project you have there!

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Re: Desktop Satellite Zero-G Simulator
« Reply #2 on: 09/15/2017 01:45 AM »
how did this crowd miss this?

Wondering if you have any updates, Cosmoneer?
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Re: Desktop Satellite Zero-G Simulator
« Reply #3 on: 09/15/2017 02:04 AM »
Hi, thanks for replying to the post!

I do have some updates, and will share more in the coming weeks.  What I can tell you now is that I am working on a slightly larger, more complicated simulator for World Maker Faire in NYC later this month.  The Cosmoneer that is running on this simulator boasts a scissored pair CMG, a 1A wireless power coil and is sporting a 25mW FPV camera and a bluetooth controller with a joystick and an OLED display.

I will be letting kids, young and old try to "dock" the Cosmoneer, which will be hanging in a darkened tent with a projection screen so I can reconfigure the images at will.  The Cosmoneer's telemetry is broadcast via bluetooth and displayed on top of the video feed via PIP, an overlay might come later.

Once I am done with WMF, I will post the 3D models for the updated Cosmoneer and the larger simulation table.