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Hi everyone,

Happy Apollo 17 anniversary everyone.

I've updated with a ton of new features. The site has received a lot of attention this past year, and over the summer I've expanded it greatly. I worked with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter team at NASA Goddard  to reconstruct the landing site in 3D and add animations of the LRV traverses. I also added new interfaces (like transcript search) plus hours of previously unavailable historical footage.

The landing sequence will begin tomorrow, December 11th at 2:45PM EST if you'd like to watch it "live". Of course, if you're impatient you could just jump to that moment too:

Ben Feist

Here are links to the LRO animated LRV traverses for those interested: - Rover driving to Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) site - Rover driving to Station 1 (Steno Crater) - Crew driving from Station 1 to Surface Electrical Properties site to end EVA1 - Rover driving to Station 2 (South Massif - Nansen Crater) - Rover driving to Station 3 (Lara Crater) - Rover driving to Station 4 (Shorty Crater) - Rover driving to Station 5 (Camelot Crater) - Crew driving to from Station 5 back to Lunar Module to end EVA2 - Rover driving to Station 6 (Tracy's Rock) - Rover driving to Station 7 (North Massif) - Rover driving to Station 8 (Sculptured Hills) - Rover driving to Station 9 (Van Serg Crater) - Rover driving back to Lunar Module to end EVA3 - Cernan driving rover to its final resting place

Station 4:
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