Author Topic: BFR and NASAs Kilopower Reactor  (Read 10384 times)

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Re: BFR and NASAs Kilopower Reactor
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He also said that the self regulation in the event of heat pipe or radiator failure didn't require the control rod going back in, but didn't give details.

The way they've designed the nuclear core, as it heats up (temperature) the reactivity drops.  So, it's naturally self regulating.  The way that you can actively control the reactivity is by managing how much power you're pulling out of the system.  By drawing more power from the sterlings, you're effectively causing more heat to be transported out of the core via the heat pipes and to the radiators.  This slightly cools the core and as a result, slightly increases the reactivity.  Reduce your power draw, and the core will warm as less heat is transported out.  This results in decreased reactivity.  So, in the event of a heat pipe or radiator failure, the reactor will automatically reduce reactivity just as a result of less heat being removed.  No outside intervention is necessary.
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