Author Topic: Forget the Sun and Solar Cells Build the Sun on Earth.  (Read 1068 times)

I am no Physicist, in face I do not even have a job. :'(
I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified with traits of Aspergers Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, Epilepsy and Mental Health Issues.

However I am Obsessed with Physics almost as much as I am Obsessed with Computers. However though I may be good at science, computing and technology, my maths is rubbish, as I have a learning difficulty called "Dyscalculia", an example of this is the fact that I only learnt to divide this year at the age of 28.

I would like to propose and Idea that concerns the development of a sustainable (and cheap) energy source.

I think we all know the first rule of government spending, "Why Build one when you can have a backup for twice the price"

And I think we all know that the USA funded the development of a Tokamak Reactor deep under the Oakridge National Laboratory, and another one in Japan.

A Tokamak works by stimulating atoms of Deuratanium Ions  with a High Voltage ignition charge, in a torus chamber full of tritium gas. The Result is a Plasma which is contained inside the torus  via electromagnetic coils.

The Result of the plasma is a High Voltage Electric current that is contained in the plasma.

To give you an example we are talking more current then every power station in Canada and the USA can produce.
This kind of power means the reactor only needs the ignition charge for a few seconds, to start the plasma reaction in the gas, after that it runs constantly unless neutralized.
This is the same type of reaction that occurs at the center of our sun !
Large amounts of heat and radiation are given off from a Tokamak Reactor in operation.

Currently there is no way to directly tap the electric current inside the plasma.

But what if we could ? 12 Tokamak Reactors could power the world without the need for fuel !

This seems like a simple idea to me, you have a cathode in the center of the torus ring which penetrates the plasma, and an anode on the casing of the torus ring, you have a way to tap electricity from a never ending source.

Advances in Material Science are needed for this as materials that can withstand 44 million degrees kelvin, and conduct / insulate High voltage are needed. to design and build a Cathode for such a reactor.

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Re: Forget the Sun and Solar Cells Build the Sun on Earth.
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This is not a place to present novel new theories. Thread locked.
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