Author Topic: Chinese 1987 recoverable flight  (Read 1208 times)

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Chinese 1987 recoverable flight
« on: 04/22/2016 07:55 PM »
According to ESA, in August 1987 a Chinese mission sent nostoc algae to space and recovered it 5 days later for ESA. See for example this:

Unfortunately Google and Wikipedia come short as per the name and specifics of the mission. See for example where all flights are listed "Communication" or reconnaissance and where it isn't mentioned at all. From the Shijian-10 article last week I assume that it was most likely in one of the FSW flights, and it is likely that they had a primarily reconnaissance role, but which one was it specifically that sent the two tubes of algae to space for Europe? Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Chinese 1987 recoverable flight
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I think you are looking for information about the last FSW-0 (Jianbing-1) mission. Launched August 5th, 1987. According to my sources there was a french (Matra Marconi) biological/microgravity experiment on board. Algae are mentioned, too. Some details here on page 282.
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Re: Chinese 1987 recoverable flight
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According to my notes, the purpose behind the experiment was to look into the possibility of growing food in space.

Edit to add: as I see the original link said.
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