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Development of Spaceport Tucson Sparked by World View's Permanent Residence 

 TUCSON, AZ - Jan. 19, 2015 - Arizona is poised to become a hub for the space tech industry, as World View - the commercial balloon spaceflight company - today announced that Tucson will become home to its global headquarters, conducting launches from Spaceport Tucson. The announcement follows today's affirmative vote on a public-private partnership with World View and Pima County, working in collaboration with the City of Tucson, Sun Corridor, Inc. and the State of Arizona.
See Rendering of New World View HQ:

World View will be the anchor tenant in the County Aerospace, Defense and Technology Business and Research Park, and its campus will include the world's first purpose-built stratospheric ballooning facility, ushering in a partnership that's projected to lead to the creation of more than 400 jobs. World View will operate the Pima County-owned Spaceport Tucson, Arizona's first launch pad dedicated to space endeavors. As a public asset, the Spaceport will serve to draw other businesses to the area, and will be available for use by other companies in Arizona. The new World View campus will be located directly adjacent to Spaceport Tucson, with move-in slated for late 2016.     

World View is a technology company pioneering flight at the edge of space using innovative and proprietary high-altitude balloons and flight technologies. In addition to taking passengers to near space in a sealed capsule for transformative views of the Earth, a major component of its business is robotic flight. The same balloons are used as satellites to orbit the planet or hover over a single location, and can be used to fly instruments for communications, weather, Earth observation, and surveillance and research, all without needing a rocket propulsion as does a typical satellite. The markets for this technology are significant, and World View already flies payloads for NASA, Northrop Grumman and others. The company is backed by an international group of investors who are industry captains in technology, travel and finance.

"Spaceport Tucson sends a strong message to the aerospace community that Southern Arizona is a new center for the commercial space business," said Jane Poynter, CEO, World View, "Arizona has now joined the rapidly growing list of states in the commercial space industry."

Sharon Bronson, chair of the Pima County Board of Supervisors said, "Economic Development is like a journey to space, it takes extensive planning, a lot of hard work and bold action to achieve. World View and Pima County have embarked on a great and bold journey together today. I can't wait to see that first balloon rise up to the heavens and see the stars."

The new World View campus will include:

•Spaceport Tucson: Lofting Arizona into the private space industry, the launch pad at Spaceport Tucson will serve as the site of World View's spaceflight operations, and will be available for use by other companies in Arizona.
•Balloon Manufacturing Facility: The new campus will house the company's balloon manufacturing facility where it will produce the balloons that will carry its spacecraft and other payloads up to 140,000 feet above Earth.
•Work Space: The World View campus will house World View's flight operations control center, engineering and testing facilities, a launch observation balcony, and a spacecraft integration high bay.

Additionally, World View will maintain its initiatives within the educational community to help local students develop an interest in science and engineering. Through various partnerships throughout the state, the World View team has worked directly with students to grant them a new perspective on how science and math can be utilized outside of a school setting and to inspire the next generation of the spaceflight industry. 

About World View 

World View is pioneering a new era of discovery at the edge of space via high-altitude balloon , offering a gentle, comfortable, and life-changing travel experience to the edge of space for private citizens; and affordable access to a range of near-space commercialization opportunities for researchers, private companies and government agencies. Available today for commercial flights of unmanned payloads only, and currently taking reservations for passenger flights, World View is creating unprecedented access to the near-space environment. Watch the World View experience here. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates. 

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Re: World View to Launch from Spaceport Tucson, Arizona
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With More Than 178 Days Logged in Orbit, Ron Garan Now at the Helm for 

Edge-of-Space Robotic and Passenger Flights via High-Altitude Balloon
TUCSON, AZ - Feb. 22, 2016 - World View, the commercial balloon spaceflight company, has named retired NASA astronaut Ron Garan as chief pilot for current robotic flight operations and upcoming human spaceflights via balloon. A highly decorated fighter pilot, test pilot and astronaut who traveled 71,075,867 miles in 2,842 orbits of Earth, Garan will be responsible for the safe and successful completion of all flight operations, including uncrewed robotic launches and passenger flights to the edge of space. 

"I am thrilled to join a team that embraces the same entrepreneurial spirit that launched the aviation industry and understands that true innovation is not just doing something that already exists better, but doing something completely new that revolutionizes or creates industries," said Garan. "In addition to bringing people to the edge of space for a transformative experience, World View is currently conducting an unprecedented frequency of commercial payload flights to the stratosphere and I'm excited to be on board for this important mission."   

World View CEO and co-founder Jane Poynter said, "World View mirrors Ron's passions for not only aviation, but also humanitarian efforts. Together, we'll continue to pursue our company's mission of helping humanity through our technology, such as supporting disaster recovery operations."   

Currently flying payloads for research, weather and more, World View is opening up unprecedented access to the stratosphere. The company's proprietary balloon technology is used as a satellite orbiting the planet or hovering over a single location for many months, allowing for a myriad of research and commercial applications including, but not limited to:
•Weather and climate modeling
•Research such as astronomy, solar physics and atmospheric science
•Earth observations
•First Response support
•Early forest fire detection
•Agriculture remote sensing

Garan will also work with World View to use innovative flight technology to fly the first passengers to the edge of space, achieving a milestone in spaceflight. Additionally, World View will be jumpstarting the high altitude travel industry and changing voyager's perspective about Earth. Voyagers will be able to experience the paradigm shifting view of the curvature of Earth set against the blackness of space.   

Garan continued, "Ever since my first journey to space, I've felt a call to action to help spread a unique perspective of our home, this place we call Earth." 

Garan's extensive career includes time as an F-16 instructor pilot at the United States Air Force Fighter Weapons School (U.S. Air Force's Top Gun School) and years serving as an experimental test pilot. Garan was selected as a pilot by NASA in July 2000. During his NASA career, Garan flew on both the U.S. Space Shuttle under the leadership of World View Director of Flight Operations, Mark Kelly, and with the Russians aboard the Soyuz spacecraft.   

For More Information
Katelyn Mixer/Natalie Mounier
Kirvin Doak Communications
[email protected] / [email protected] 

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Re: World View to Launch from Spaceport Tucson, Arizona
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bump for the actual launch....

World View successfully launches its first stratollite from its Tucson HQ

source: article

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