Author Topic: ULA Atlas V 551: STP-3 : June 2019  (Read 11340 times)

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Re: ULA Atlas V 551: STP-3 : June 2019
« Reply #40 on: 09/25/2018 01:50 AM »
It’s probably worth noting in this thread that this launch will be the first using the GEM 63 SRBs
And AFAIU it will be a hard transition in AJ-60A makes its last flight and GEM-63 makes its first flight.

It will depend on which launches leapfrog or slip, and how the remaining AJ-60A allotment works out with the configurations on the manifest.  In other words, if for example there are 17 left, and the manifest has a 551, 551, 541, 511, 551,  in that order.
Thanks Newton_V. After reading your post I have modified mine to say “could likely be” instead of “will be”.