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Astronaut interviews
« on: 10/10/2015 09:55 AM »
I'm new to this site but as a long time space-nut, I think it's fantastic. I've just spent over an hour soaking up the varied knowledge and wide-ranging threads here. It's fair to say, I'm hooked and I'm here to stay!

Please feel free to remove this post if you consider it advertising but I hope you feel it isn't as I never intend to make money from my space and astronomy outreach (and always achieve that intended aim!)

Among my practical astronomy endeavours I've been presenting a free space and astronomy podcast (Awesome Astronomy) for 4 years and my latest series of interviews from the Cosmiccon event might be of particular interest to you.

September's show was molded around an interview with 4 time Shuttle astronaut Dr Don Thomas.

October's show was molded around Skylab & Shuttle astronaut Jack Lousma (who was capcom for that ominous Apollo 13 call)

November's show will feature 4 time Shuttle astronaut Dr Kathy Thornton ( who made the 1st repair to Hubble)

December's show will have our interview with Apollo 15 command module pilot Al Worden- who goes quite a bit off script towards the end!

I'm also in discussion with Apollo 12 lunar module pilot Al Bean and hope to release an interview with him in the New Year.

If their stories, musings and recollections are of interest to you, you can download them here:

for Apple

Any feedback or questions you'd like us to ask future astronauts would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Astronaut interviews
« Reply #1 on: 10/10/2015 08:28 PM »
While I've listened all of the Conversations with Apollo podcasts years ago, I recently found your site too, but it got lost in the bookmarks and "research more" lists. And I haven't gotten really around to listening podcast for years anyway.

I'm glad that theres more very relevant stuff to listen to. Keep up the good work! Hopefully for a long time. It seems that the aforementioned other podcast didn't have the optimal energy to keep going, while the interviews were very good indeed.

And of course, welcome to the site!
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