Author Topic: X-15, Vikings, Telstar, WSMR, Redstone, Skylab...Were you there?  (Read 1042 times)

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Personal remembrances, "my uncle told me..." Dad's old notebook, and tid-bits from those who were there, to those now here.

I am 51 years old, but I remember my dad's Gemini and Vostok desk models, learning about Challenger from the secretary who said "It just blew up!", then getting home quickly to tape the footage on my Betamax for study that evening, CBS Special Reports: Live from the Moon, and poor Charles Bronson in the film "X-15", and yes, even Steve Austin (we can rebuild him...)

But the first person heritage is fading. I know some of it is published, in some book or article long out of print, or has been dramatized by Hollywood, but who here was there?

Tell us about it. Maybe some a kid will take a moment and read this in a few years via Google, and maybe it could spark an interest. But you know it really happened - you were there.

Thank you!
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since this thread.  Not as late as you want, though.