Author Topic: Kuaizhou, Kuaizhou-1 launch, Jiuquan - September 25, 2013 (04:37 UTC)  (Read 63446 times)

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I found this illustration, which allegedly shows Kuaizhou-1.

It shows a striking resemblance to NASA's WIRE small explorer satellite, so i am not sure about is authenticity. But on the other hand, the service module is nearly the same as that shown on the Kuaizhou-2 illustration (see Kuaizhou-2 thread), although with a different imaging payload.

Hi Skyrocket,

people on 9ifly have reached a common ground, that the capture for these two postcards are mistaken - The one with larger optical aperture (labelled as KZ-1) should really be KZ-2. This is quite reasonable since KZ-1 has 1.2m spatial resolution which requires only a small aperture at 300km orbit.