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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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Mars One presents an updated mission roadmap

Amersfoort, December 7, 2016 – Mars One presents an updated mission roadmap, adjusted to its new financial strategy, which involves Mars One listing its commercial activities at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In the updated Mars One mission roadmap, the first unmanned mission is moved to 2022. The dedicated communications satellite is rescheduled to 2024. The resulting roadmap is as follows:

    2022: Unmanned demonstration mission sent to Mars. Mars One will use the same platform design as the 2007 NASA Phoenix mission, and plans to work with the same supplier (Lockheed Martin)
    2024: dedicated Mars synchronous Communications satellite sent to Mars
    2026: Rover that will select the settlement location sent to Mars
    2029: Launch all hardware and a second rover. The two rovers prepare the settlement for the arrival of the manned crew. Life support systems will have produced water and a breathable atmosphere before the first astronauts depart
    2031: First crew of four astronauts departs and travels to Mars in approximately 7 months
    2032: Landing on Mars of first crew and of the hardware for the second crew
    2034: Landing of the second crew and the hardware for third crew

The current astronaut selection and training timeline is as follows:

    2017: From the current 100 remaining astronaut candidates in Mars One’s selection process, 3-6 groups of 4 crew members will be selected and hired full time to train for the mission. Additionally, a new application round will be opened.
    2018 - 2031: Several crews in training will drop for various reasons and will be replaced by new crews from regular astronaut selection programs
    2031: The Mars One Selection Committee will determine the eligible crews to go to Mars. The audience will play an integrated part in the selection: If candidates are equally qualified, the audience will have the decisive vote. Furthermore, they also will get the opportunity to support their favorite group.

Lansdorp: "Mars One can only implement the mission to Mars if we can afford it - and we need investments to get going. Being listed on a stock exchange will make fundraising more straightforward. In order to make Mars One's commercial activities an attractive investment with the potential of a good return on investment, Mars One had to adjust the timing of the planned unmanned and manned missions. This pushes the large expenses associated with the mission hardware back in time, making the company cash positive sooner. The delay we are currently announcing is also because it took us longer to get to this point than we originally anticipated. Of course the whole Mars One team would have preferred to be able to stick to the original schedule, but this new timeline significantly improves our odds of successfully achieving this mission roadmap".

Mars One is currently raising up to €10 million in the first round of funding after the listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This will provide enough funding to move the mission to Mars forward: award new contracts to suppliers, organize the next round in the astronaut selection process, hire team members with experience in implementing Mars missions, and crew selection and training. Additionally, Mars One Ventures, the commercial arm of Mars One, will build a core team of experienced media professionals to develop the Mars One brand, including by creating captivating media content for audiences around the world.

About Mars One®
Mars One aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Before carefully selected and trained crews will depart to Mars, several unmanned missions will be completed, establishing a habitable settlement waiting for the first astronauts to arrive.

Mars One consists of two entities: the Dutch not-for-profit Mars One Foundation and a British public limited company Mars One Ventures PLC. The Mars One Foundation implements, and manages the mission and owns the mission hardware. It also selects and trains the crews, and is building an ever growing community of experts and supporters that follow the progress of the mission and contribute to it. Mars One Ventures PLC holds the exclusive monetization rights around the Mars One mission. There are many revenue possibilities around the mission to Mars: merchandise, ads on video content, broadcasting rights, partnerships, Intellectual Property, events, games, apps, and many more.

For more information about Mars One, please visit

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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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"A human being should be able to...plan an invasion..conn a ship..solve equations, analyze a new problem..program a computer, cook a tasty meal.."-RAH

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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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Mars One has been delayed again:

short version of new schedule:
2022 - lander
2024 - orbiter
2026 - rover
2029 - another rover + hardware
2031 - 1st crew

At least they changed their plan slightly, but not nearly enough to account for other developments in the space industry.

Article also mentions they plan to raise about $10 million through stock offerings. Since this is an order of magnitude short of what they'll need in about 2-3 years to pay Lockheed for the lander, I don't think this addresses the main reason for the delay (they can't afford to build hardware.)

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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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They apparently just secured 6 million euros investment:

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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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Press release from Mars One about their funding and what they intend to do with it this year:

Mars One: funding enables important steps forward in 2017

Amersfoort, January 5, 2017 - Mars One today confirms its short term mission and business plans for 2017. In December 2016, a €6 million investment from World Stock & Bond Trade Limited was announced of which a first of six equal batches will be received end of January 2017. This will allow Mars One to take the next steps to move the mission to Mars forward, to strengthen its capital and liquidity position, and to boost the exposure and commercial activities. Mars One expects to achieve this by expanding the teams for the Mars One entities with experienced team members: the not-for-profit Mars One Foundation and the publicly trading Mars One Ventures AG [FRA: KCC], ISIN: CH0132106482.

“We’ll add several team members with experience in implementing Mars missions” said Arno Wielders, Mars One’s CTO and Co-founder. “These new team members will help us further shape and manage the technical road map for our mission to Mars. In space development terms, our mission design is currently in Phase A. Completing all conceptual design studies will result in a firm baseline design and improved cost figures. Phase B will be the detailed design of all elements needed to safely land humans on Mars and keep them alive. Completing that development phase will allow Mars One to move the mission forward to Phases C and D: all hardware is built, manufactured, integrated and tested, and finally launched to Mars. That should lead to full system readiness on the surface of Mars, giving the green light for the first crew of four astronauts to start their journey to Mars,” explains Wielders.

The first three conceptual design studies in Mars One’s current mission development phase have been completed by Paragon Space Development Corporation and Lockheed Martin. Suppliers with relevant experience will be contracted to perform conceptual design studies for all other major (sub)-systems required for the permanent settlement mission. These studies demand 500 to 2500 man-hours each leading to a comprehensive technical concept design of the various components of the mission to Mars.

In addition to expanding team on the engineering side of the mission, the Mars One Foundation will hire team members with experience in crew selection and training. Mars One is currently preparing for the next selection rounds to trim down the current group of 100 Round Three astronaut candidates. Up to six groups of four crew members will become full time employees of Mars One to start training for the mission. The design for the next rounds is ready and the next steps are determining the dates and locations, expanding the team of selection and training specialists, and logistics. “New team members will help the Mars One selection committee with the overall progress of the upcoming selection rounds and training, including for example the execution and evaluation of the astronaut selection activities, and guiding the teams,” says Norbert Kraft, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Mars One.

Mars One selection committee members Norbert Kraft, M.D., Prof. Raye Kass, PhD, and James Kass, PhD possess understanding of different cultures as well as many years of experience working with extreme environments, and, of utmost importance, isolated habitats. They have professional experience in the field of Human Spaceflight (Group Dynamics/ Long duration Space Flight/ Medicine/Psychology/ Psycho-physiology) and extensive work with astronauts from JAXA, NASA, CSA, ESA, and RFSA.

The commercial arm of Mars One, Mars One Ventures, is building a core team of experienced media professionals to further develop the Mars One brand and monetize it. The Mars One Ventures team is establishing strong commercial partnerships and generate income from a range of existing and new revenue sources. Together these will provide a strong basis for ongoing value creation. Short term focus areas include:

   Creating engaging (video) content. Most notably new media content about Mars One’s Astronaut Selection
   Round Three and the steps that follow. This will grow and engage Mars One’s audience;

   Expanding merchandise sales volumes by broadening the range of Mars One products. Additionally, higher
   sales volumes are expected to be reached by growing the number of website visitors due to increased interest
   in Mars One’s mission as a result of the Mars One astronaut selection program and foreseen mission progress;

   Seeking new brand partnerships, both short and long term. Mars One's upcoming steps forward, especially
   around astronaut selection, provide numerous opportunities for brand connections.

Bas Lansdorp, CEO and co-founder of Mars One said “Arno and I founded Mars One almost six years ago. With limited funding and a small team we’ve worked very hard to get to the point where we are today. Now with the secured funding, 2017 will be the year where it all starts coming together, and we can finally take those next steps in our mission both the Mars One team and our supporters are eagerly looking forward to.”
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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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Mars One is now offering people the opportunity to purchase shares. Interestingly they say they need to raise €0.5M to meet the conditions for the previously announced €6M investment. More details in the attached ‘brochure’, including a first crewed flight in 2032 (so that date continues to move to the right faster than real time ...).

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Re: Mars One Update Thread (yes, updates only!)
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Mars One is now offering people the opportunity to purchase shares. Interestingly they say they need to raise €0.5M to meet the conditions for the previously announced €6M investment. More details in the attached ‘brochure’, including a first crewed flight in 2032 (so that date continues to move to the right faster than real time ...).

The minimum investment is apparently 1000 euro, or $1192.

They've also published some financial projections. Warning: it's every bit as cringey as you expect.