Author Topic: The Beautiful 21st Century Spaceport KSC Visitor Center Mural  (Read 3161 times)

Online Chris Bergin

It's about 15ft by 6ft and located near the entrance of the cafeteria, replacing an old Space Shuttle mural.

First one is a picture of it. Second is the graphic it was created from.

Offline Longhorn John

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That's really nice. Shame only one will be launching from KSC.

Online Chris Bergin

That's really nice. Shame only one will be launching from KSC.

Maybe, but remember, KSC isn't just launch pads. You've got to remember the offices and such that will be for the commercial vehicles.

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Unavoidable of course, but it was obsolete before they installed the mural.

Now I want to hear from all of those people who claimed repeatedly that Ares I was too tall and skinny and would topple over, was unstable, etc..  I want them to explain to me how the Falcon 9 versions shown in the mural can possibly fly.  ;)

 - Ed Kyle

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Well, that is probably an accurate depiction of what F9 1.1 and FH will look like.  We were told that F9 would be about 50% longer.  Both F9 and FH look very skinny.  They need a hamburger.   :)

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Thanks Chris, very pretty.

Something has to be done with KSC and SLS gives it a purpose.

It's a bit bizarre.

Not time for a rant, I just wish KSC the very best. The work going on at the VAB and around the grounds is progressing very well and I hope most of it will be a good investment.