Author Topic: Ariane VA210 - Star One C3 & Eutelsat21B/W6A November 10, 2012 (2105UTC)  (Read 15775 times)

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Any Astrium guys here? You guys are inadvertently making UFOs in China!  ::)

Some guys in different places in south-western China were making observations on the same day of this launch when they saw something like a bluish reflection moving slowly in the dark sky east of Sirius at about an hour after the launch (~22:20 UTC), and it was so strange that it make quite a detailed discussion at a Chinese astronomy forum, eventually making to the news two days ago! Luckily the detailed analysis of the height of the UFO and the timing of observation leads me to conclude that this was the ESC-A upper stage 30 minutes after all the fuel leaked out via passification. This was essentially confirmed after I pulled out old TLEs and running through a satellite prediction software.

Some detailed discussion here (in Chinese):
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The 'Star One-C3' Brazilian satellite was renamed 'Star One-C3 Rio 2016' in honor of the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.