Author Topic: Seeking 2009-2011 control room multimedia (launch readiness polls to T-0) Q&A  (Read 1952 times)

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i'm seeking the audio, (and, ideally, the video), of all of the control room chatter i could never quite hear over the loudspeaker while i was out at the causeway. especially with the last-minute drama of the past few launches. ;D

it's an easy thing to find the last 15 seconds before T-0 in high definition video; that just takes a youtube search. but i'm seeking the footage that everyone else was watching on tv while i was futzing with tripods. say from the launch readiness poll around T-9's built-in hold on forward. (and in the case of STS-128, from colbert's prerecorded "i am go for launch" blurb on forward.) :)

i first flew to florida for STS-119 on march 11th, and i've been in florida for practically every scrub since then (and every launch from STS-128 to STS-135), so, honestly, the audio/video of the lead-up to the call of the various scrubs from 2009-2011 would also be a great thing to find.

if they're individually buried in or around the launch day processing threads, i'll just start digging; i was just wondering if they'd all managed to get squirreled away onto a central repository, on nasa or elsewhere. (*cough~L2~cough*).  8)

alternatively, more precise keywords of what the footage i'm seeking is officially called, that would allow me to sift the noise from the signal, would be equivalently helpful.

thanks in advance...

(edit: looks like the youtube channel spacevidcast has most of what i'm looking for. i'll search deeper.)
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You might get some audio if you search on youtube for "ascent flight control team" - these are the videos shot internally by NASA in the Shuttle FCR at JSC. They are usually edited down to cut out the large gaps but I think they will be just what you're after.