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Vostok Spacecraft Instrumentation
« on: 07/07/2011 01:26 AM »
I offer to all of you to visit my site that reveals the details once and for all the interior panels in the Vostok spacecraft.

The Orbiter sim folks building Vostok addons will find a gold mine of info here.

The Zarya groundstations locations as mapped to the known NIP stations (hence the calling of Zarya follwed by a number during the missions) is solved on here as well.

The interior voltage is confirmed at the standard 27 volts through a light bulb in the instrument panel :)

As far as full understanding of the entire control system 2 more lists are needed:

1) The list of the specific 48 telemetry channels (Tral-P)
2) The list of specific commands (about 40-50 used, and up to 63   possible) in the Command Radio Line. It is interesting that the technology used for this purpose was modified from mine radio detonators.

I digress here to point out how the 63 possible commands confirms earlier know info. The NIITP site said 12 frequencies were used in pairs to transmit commands. Well that actually makes for 66 possible combinations of pairs but 3 of them were doubled for enhanced reliability.

And Yes, 6 of these commands (Roll L, Roll R, Yaw L, Yaw R, Pitch UP, Pitch DN) were for attitude control.

Do we have any radio command experts on board I could try a few questions on?

What is  "Pulse-frequency (PFM) frequency-shift (FSM) amplitude (AM) modulation"...I know what AM and FM is but how would the first 3 work together in a commnd radio line?
"Commands were encoded with a two-digit quinary code" would this be done and how does it relate to the above?