Author Topic: Reaction Engines Mark Hempsell interview on skylon.  (Read 4445 times)

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I wasn't sure where to put this in here or Advanced concepts so any mods feel free to move it if needed.
It seems with funding Skylon could be closer to reality then previously thought.
In fact they consider it an easier project then LAPCAT a hypersonic airliner.
It's still a long term project with the first flight predicted around 2018.

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Re: Reaction Engines Mark Hempsell interview on skylon.
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Abingdon-based Reaction Engines has designed the Skylon plane to take payloads - or even passengers - into space from a conventional airport and return them back down to the same runway. The design can carry a 12-tonne payload and could, according to the company, fundamentally change the way we view space travel.

A recent study into the Skylonís ability to carry passengers suggests that a trip to orbit in an upright seat, for stays of up to 14 days, would cost around $500,000. Compared with the plans of some groups, Skylonís space tourism ambitions are still relatively modest. However, the team is also looking to include an upper stage that would move out of low Earth orbit and, if successful, the project could have far wider significance.

Skylon is thought to cost about $10m per flight once development costs have been paid. If all goes to plan, within 10 years the UK could become the first country in the world to launch a single-stage spaceplane in orbit.

Skylon System Requirements Review

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Re: Reaction Engines Mark Hempsell interview on skylon.
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This just an opinion and should be taken as such. Both Skylon and Dreamchaser are money pits. The British won't in the long run want to fund their portion of Skylon development and it's not clear if the techology will even work or is even practical. As far as Dreamchaser that's for the Dreamchaser posting but, I will say we have seen nothing from all the funding put into it so far. To me that spell trouble.

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Re: Reaction Engines Mark Hempsell interview on skylon.
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Skylons future depends on the tests of their precooler.  If that works as advertised then the case for >funding is clearer.  IF it does work it's a potential game changer.

IMO Dreamchaser has one justification: improved cross-range capability compared to capsules.  In my admittedly medically-oriented mind that suggests a few advantages for med-evac, but otherwise I'm not so sure. It's certainly not going to teach many lesssons for BLEO.  Sure looks cool though.
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