Author Topic: Shuttle Q&A Part 5  (Read 847827 times)

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Re: Shuttle Q&A Part 5
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Here is a link to an AIAA paper on the Orbiter TPS:
that Wayne Hale also mentioned in his L2 post:

Yes. What they used pre-Challenger was stock 3M ScotchGuard that was sprayed directly onto the orbiter. It was later found that the ScotchGuard wasn’t working too well with the adhesive used to bond the tiles to the orbiter. This caused alot tiles to debond and was what was really behind the “TPS issues” with Challenger that forced her substitution with Discovery for STS-51C. In fact the problems were so severe that they removed Challenger’s original body flap and used the one intended for Atlantis. The body flaps were never changed back prior to the loss of Challenger so even to this day, Atlantis still have the refurbished body flap from Challenger.