Author Topic: Delta or Atlas family evolved to HLV level  (Read 6760 times)

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Re: Delta or Atlas family evolved to HLV level
« Reply #20 on: 04/23/2009 01:14 PM »

1.  Well, if Delta-IV gets the manned CLV mission, then they will be building, what, four D-IVH+ units per year? That on top of their commercial, NASA unmanned and DoD contracts.

2.  I suppose that I was thinking something along the line of an 'exclusive' NASA EELV-HLV manned upper stage/EDS that can be designed at and built at Huntsville or something similar.

1.  The facility was sized for 40 boosters per year

2.  That would never happen.  EELV's are not going to used any upperstage that is done out of house.  Upperstages are too integral to the vehicle to be done separately
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