Author Topic: Liquid Methane Solicitation from MSFC for CLV and CEV projects  (Read 2624 times)

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Looks like NASA is moving forward with the development of a Methane-powered engine. The solicitation is out:
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Looks like NASA is moving forward with the development of a Methane-powered engine. The solicitation is out:

What does this mean for the CEV?  I thought I had read, that the SM was going to be Methane originally, but then they changed it to hypergolics.  From what I read, Methane is more powerful than hypergolics.  Does this mean that they're going back to the original design?  The ascent module for Altair was also supposed to be Methane.
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NASA/MSFC has a requirement for Liquid Methane Fuel in tankers to support test area(s) for the development of components for the CLV and CEV Projects.

Interesting that they specified both projects.  Wonder how they'd use it on Ares?

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Lox/methane was the baseline for the CEV.  It went to hypers when NASA did not feel the technology was mature enough for when Orion would be put into operation.  Of course that was four years ago before we knew we would still not be to PDR. 

Interestingly, Orion is a JSC managed project with GRC playing a roll on the service module.  I don't know why MSFC is putting this out.
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This is not really that new...  While NASA decided the technology "wasn't ready for prime time" they've continued to fund it.  The reason MSFC is involved is that they are NASA's "center for excellance" in propulsion/engine technology.   I particularly noted the following:

One was a ATK/XCOR project for a 7,500 lb thrust engine:

Second was a Orion Propulsion small 100 lb thrust project:

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