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The launch has occurred at exactly 07:10 UTC, the payload is indeed LKW-4 and the satellite is now in orbit.
CZ-2D s/n Y50 was used for this launch.
SpaceX Mars / Re: Financing SpaceX's Mars plans
« Last post by Cheapchips on Today at 06:27 AM »

At SXSW Elon mentioned that Starlink will "be important in providing funding necessary for SpaceX to develop interplanetary spacecraft".

I think that's the first time SpaceX have confirmed what plenty of folks have assumed with Starlink revenue?

I'm waiting for launch confirmation here.  :)
Blue Origin / Re: New Armstrong Speculation and Discussion
« Last post by Ludus on Today at 05:55 AM »
NG was better than competitive with FH but the design concept came out before SX pivot to BFR/BFS. With SpaceX actually building a fully rapidly reusable system will Jeff Bezos be content to keep methodically working at a system with expendable second stage that will be obsolete and unable to launch at SpaceX market prices on its debut?

I think Blue will go with less Gradatim and more Ferociter and change plans. Maybe the changed plan will be called New Armstrong, but it most matters that itís fully rapidly reusable.
Haven't seen this posted:

Elon Musk will depart the OpenAI Board but will continue to donate and advise the organization. As Tesla continues to become more focused on AI, this will eliminate a potential future conflict for Elon.
Amended Quote from Article.
"Additionally, Elon Musk will depart the OpenAI Board but will continue to donate and advise the organization. As Tesla continues to become more focused on (development of Applied Narrow) AI, this will eliminate a potential future conflict for Elon."

Elon has made no secret of his use of what he refers to as Narrow AI, in his Autonomous Cars.
My question, was to spark inquiry into whether he has used it or will use it in ie the control systems of landing of the S1; or in developmental research, modeling of air flow over a control surface, or for EDL on Mars...
I don't expect details that are not public knowledge, just as there is not much in the way on details for the Tesla Autonomous cars....

however I'd like to see the use this thread as a collection and discussion point of public information that can be garnered from Media sources such as is above. Over the next 10-20 years I'm looking forward to extensive use of Narrow AI in SpaceX developments. With the potential for the BFS to become Semi-Autonomous. If not fully. Think in terms of Anne McCaffrey's "Ship that Sings" novel. Keeping in tune with the up thread posts.  ;D

for a bit of my perspective:
 My father was a Tool and Die Maker, trained in the 1930's, getting his papers in 1939. When he was a few years from retirement, in the late 1970's, he was seeing computers coming into the Machine Shop, for doing duplicate design. Within short order (20 -30 years) Tool and Die Making was becoming less hands on and more computer oriented. He wouldn't recognize what it has become. Now with 3D Printing of Metal Parts, it has lept even further. This coming October he would have been 100 years old.  :-\
SpaceX Missions Section / Re: SpaceX Core Reuse Schedule
« Last post by Steven Pietrobon on Today at 05:29 AM »
Do you want to add a table showing what all the S, L and X abbreviations means?
Once StarLink has 400+ satellites it goes commercial, very likely bringing in several $billion more even before peaking with full deployment.

Their revenue estimates, printed by WSJ, put StarLink's revenues at about $30 billion by the mid-2020's. Given anchor tenants (local/municipal ISP's, govt agencies, DoD*...) and hosted sensors on their satellites, this could be quite conservative.

* AvWeek reports DoD interest in coming constellations like StarLink and OneWeb for aircraft comms, with an upcoming AFRL test using antennae on a Beechcraft C-12J based at Holloman AFB. Using MicroSat A/B? Dunno.

Historical Spaceflight / Re: San Marco Platform, Kenya
« Last post by Robotbeat on Today at 03:50 AM »
Although inactive, I think it is maintained. Otherwise, it would be all rust and looted by now.

Several years ago I attended an event at the Italian embassy in Washington where somebody gave a presentation about their recent visit to that facility. They had indoor photos as well, and the lights were on. So it had power.
There are people on it in these pictures. They appear to be operating a crane of some sort.
SpaceX General Section / Re: Upcoming Talks - SpaceX Related
« Last post by docmordrid on Today at 03:48 AM »
Same here - freezes a lot.
SpaceX Mars / Re: Financing SpaceX's Mars plans
« Last post by Robotbeat on Today at 03:47 AM »
Where is Elon getting the money to buy shares? Borrowing against shares he already had? None of his holdings pay dividends so he has no other income.

It's not clear that he's using borrowed money directly to buy shares.  Of course, he does borrow to pay for everything else. I suppose you could argue that's effectively the same thing.
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