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ISS Section / Re: Schedule of ISS flight events (part 2)
« Last post by Salo on Today at 05:41 PM »
I've long thought that electrothethers would be an amazing power source for the jovian system. Being magnetically bound to jupiters magnetic field, but gravitationally bound to Io or Europa, you can tap the raw inertial potential of entire moons for electricity. At the draw level for any plausable civilization, orbital effects will be neligable before the sun goes out, so it's effectively free energy.
Related NOTAM
G5966/18 -  ATS RTE SEGMENTS CLSD: A929 BILMI - GIGES, B946 BILMI - NAREK, G59  ARLEN - BILMI, W144 BILMI - KEKUT, W43  BILMI - PERAG. SFC - UNL, 24 2200-25 0300, 25 2200-26 0300, 24 OCT 22:00 2018 UNTIL 26 OCT 03:00 2018. CREATED: 20 OCT 08:32 2018
Here is another version of the above:

Soyuz MS-10 Failure extended (stabilization, zoom 2x, slow motion 25% with frame interpolation)

Published on Oct 14, 2018

Edit by Riccardo Rossi (ISAA) - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License -

Original footage courtesy of Roscosmos

You can really see it clearly in most of these videos if you look carefully. You can see right before the tank rupture (puff of vapor) one of the boosters is still burning when the others are out, about less than a second before it. You can also see the core stage burning and going into flatspin after the event "headless" without the soyuz on top.
SpaceX BFR - Earth to Deep Space / Re: BFS Engineering Thread
« Last post by rakaydos on Today at 05:34 PM »
Bare "crew" design (minus windows) configured as a sat deployer out the side door
Bare "crew" design as tanker
"Crew" design built up as life support testbed
Cargo Chomper
PTP varient
Dedicated supertanker model.
SpaceX BFR - Earth to Deep Space / Re: BFS Engineering Thread
« Last post by meekGee on Today at 05:33 PM »
"Cargo" is a bit of a weasel choice, innit? 

Is it just a non-functional mars ship where payloads are shoved out the side door?
An unmanned p2p ship used by FedEx?

Though, if I'm thinking about a StarLink deployer, it is optimized for one or two planes worth of comm-sats, so a side door may suffice.

I put deployer first since I was thinking StarLink, but at the same time I was also thinking a clam shell nose that's required for large satellites.  hmmm...

ok then.  rethinking:

1. StarLink-only deployers (aka cargo) w/o clamshell doors because they can be put to good use immediately with low risk and build flight history.

2. Tankers (tanking tests can be done tanker-to-tanker)

3. Long duration ships (initially unmanned, to do environmental tests, maybe ECLSS tests) - this ship will do the moon trip.

4. p2p cargo (to build flight history on p2p flight profiles)

5. p2p (and IMHO also earth ascent, even if the first couple of Mars ships are launch manned because p2p is not ready yet)

6. Large clam-shell deployer (because it's not urgent)

Hello everyone,

I have at least achieved a partial success, because the upright standing Sprocket variant, which I ordered in FUD and FXD, went through and is meanwhile In Production.

The again ordered flat lying variant, however, is still under review (Processing), but still not rejected at least.

No matter how, at least that would prove that the Sprocket is printable, so I have an argument in hand to demand the printing of the flat version as well.

So far there is also still no explanation why this variant could not be printed at the first attempt. So SW is somehow in a tight spot, let's see how it goes out ...


Google translation:

Roscosmos. Meeting of the emergency commission
10/20/2018 4:53 pm

A regular meeting of the emergency commission on an emergency situation that occurred on October 11, 2018 during the launch of the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle with a manned transport vehicle Soyuz MS-10 was held at the leading research institute of the rocket and space industry of Russia - TsNImash.
After listening to the reports of specialists working on the investigation of the causes of the emergency situation, the members of the emergency commission, after a detailed analysis, approved a preliminary report on the causes of the accident and began to prepare recommendations to exclude similar situations in the future. The final report and the list of recommendations to the enterprises of the rocket and space industry will be approved on October 30, 2018 and presented to the chairman of the State Commission for Flight Testing of Manned Space Systems.

So before 30th October no soyuz launch, i understand that correctly?
When the report is ready,  need to complete the instructions of the commission, before launch?
Jonathan McDowell
‏Verified account
20 hours ago
Fitting crude orbit to the data on the webcast suggests EPC was in a -580 x +420 km orbit at separation, with about +-50 km on each parameter. Splash around 1500 km S of Cape Verde Is at 0201 UTC?
Correct Jonathan! according to this NOTAM:
A1598/18 NOTAMN Q) GOOO/QWMLW/IV/BO/W/000/999/0404N02229W999 A) GOOO B) 1810200140 C) 1810300300 D) DLY:0140/0300 E) EXISTENCE OF DANGEROUS ZONE DUE TO ROCKET LAUNCHING VA245 DELIMITED AS FOLLOW: ZC/VA245: 0404N02229W - 0230N00739W -0042N00750W  - 0216N02240W F) SFC G) UNL
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