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Indian Launchers / Re: GSLV-MkII, Chandrayaan-2, NET 2018-Q1
« Last post by vineethgk on Today at 07:33 AM »
From the Annual Report 2016-17
Orbiter Craft
Primary structure of Orbiter Craft has been realised. Fabrication of panels is in progress. Configuration of mainframe systems and payloads was completed. Integration of mainframe systems including propulsion elements was expected to commence from December 2016. Payloads from various centres are in advanced stages of realisation and expected to be delivered in first quarter of 2017 for integration.

Lander Craft
Lander configuration is finalised to meet the soft
and safe landing at the identified site. Payload
configuration and interfaces with lander are finalised. Engineering models of mission critical
sensors, namely, Ka-Band Radio Altimeter
(KaRA) and Lander Pattern Detection Camera
(LPDC) from SAC and Laser Inertial Reference
& Accelerometer Package (LIRAP) from IISU
have been realised and performance tested in Lander Sensor Performance Test (LSPT), Phase-1
over artificial craters created, at Chitradurga in
Karnataka. System Demonstration Module (SDM)
realisation for evaluating the performance of Lander
propulsion system with throttlable engines, Lander
Actuator Performance Test (LAPT) configuration
and Lander electrical packages required for LAPT
are in advanced stage of completion. Engineering
model of Lander Leg was realised and single leg
drop tests were completed. A facility has been
established at Lunar Terrain Test Facility for
conducting lander leg drop tests.

All the rover flight systems are in advanced stage of realisation. Soil mixing exercise is completed and the mobility test to evaluate the Rover’s wheel – soil interaction is under
"Dragon is on 24h safe trajectory, *some*  filter unconverged"

Didn't catch the acronym...
Dragon approach aborted. No capture today.
"Dragon aborted approach, no capture today"

Was just stated on the loop on Ustream ISS feed.
AeroJet Rocketdyne is more of a caretaker of older technology at the moment. (RS-68 being their last real development, 15 years ago)

What about J-2X? They have also been given the contract to develop RS-25E and are developing the AR-1.
Space Policy Discussion / Re: NASA FY 2017 Budget Request
« Last post by yg1968 on Today at 07:21 AM »
It's just a report and Orion on a Delta IV Heavy is unlikely to be ready before commercial crew. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Roscosmos replay (longer tracking view through first stage)
Per the morning DPC Dragon is 8km behind and 5km below the ISS.  A burn happened early and the crew was told to expect events to occur about 15 minutes early compared to the expected timeline.  The crew is planning to ingress Dragon today.
ULA - Delta, Atlas, Vulcan / Re: ULA + CISLunar1000 roadmap
« Last post by Steven Pietrobon on Today at 06:17 AM »
ULA's backup plan might be to buy several New Glenn first stages and fly their ACES stage on top.
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