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Crawlerway and VAB
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If this needs to be moved transport away!
First, I am incredibly happy I found this sight.  The information here is priceless and much easier to find than on NASA's website.  My many thanks to all that make it possible!!

I was just wondering if there was ever a Northern crawlerway leading into the VAB from the West as there is a Northern exit on the East side of the building.  It seems odd to me that there is one "enterance" for the crawler/transporter and two "exits."  Any and all info is welcome.

Off topic, but what are the circles in the parking lots around the VAB on google earth?  They are to the South/Southwest.  I also have noticed these in picutures during VAB construction.

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RE: Crawlerway and VAB
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Weclome to the site, although I would reccomend searching for exsisting threads on such things.

A couple that will help: - Crawler thread.

Good one on the VAB: