Author Topic: Filming at KSC?  (Read 6809 times)

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Re: Filming at KSC?
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Again, this is really going into a grey area. It's FAA policy that suas not be used commercially. If you google commercial drones you will see countless buisnesses operating with drones. Some of the bigger companies have been issued cease and desist from the FAA too. However it's never been enforced because there's not an actual law in the books to make it illegal. Granted that will change in the next few years,
But that will be after it has gone through the correct process to make something law.

Now if nasa says "hey we don't want you flying your multirotor against FAA policy" then that's not an issue either. All that's required it's a tether that fixes the multirotor to the ground and an altitude restriction.

Or I would even gladly fly for non profit and post the photos and videos on a blog free of charge.

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Re: Filming at KSC?
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I think we should probably focus on enabling CJ to at least talk to someone at KSC. They may likely say "nope" (although there's a better chance now 39A is currently mothballed until it begins its life with SpaceX).

This thread could get a bit crazy if we just start talking FAA law. Besides, be thankful you're not in the UK. You need permission before going over speed bumps a bit too fast, meaning you're technically airbourne ;D

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Re: Filming at KSC?
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Not sure if these contacts will be helpful, they're for the Ground Systems Development & Operations (GSDO) Program based at KSC (this includes pad developments)

Members of the media, please contact:

Rachel Kraft
NASA Headquarters
(202) 358-1100
[email protected]

Amber Philman
Kennedy Space Center
(321) 867-2468
[email protected]
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Re: Filming at KSC?
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Seems to me that a small airborne hovering craft was used to take video of this test flight at KCS landing strip.  Perhaps there is a possibility for you as well?

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