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Re: General ISS Q&A thread
« Reply #2240 on: 01/21/2017 05:24 PM »
It seems to me that whenever I see pictures or video in the station there is almost always (at least to my somewhat borderline OCD eyes) a high level of clutter on nearly every surface. Is all that stuff in active, regular use? Or does it accumulate and and gets addressed/put away/circle filed when the astros have time? Is there a protocol for managing all that stuff?

I have not found any real protocol for this. It bothers the hell out of me as well.
I'm developing a protocol for the H-10-K GWS house keeping crew to perform routine "return to storage" tasks but nothing is cast in stone so far. The difficulty seems to be getting the time built into the task or experiment to perform end of shift cleanup tasks much like what is done in the ground facilities. CTK Tool and parts accountability is vital for FOD prevention.

It looks like they clean up only when things seem to get out of hand, or when flight directs them to do so.

There is a protocol.  There is no desks or workbenches in a one g orientation and so items have to place on the racks.  What would a workbench would look like if you placed it against a wall?
For H-10-K GWS, nearly all the work is done in zero-G, but some work is done in the HAB ring, Cooking on a stove, eating on a table, playing games while seated in a chair, weight lifting.

Some of this stuff should have items not needed after use, and it all should be put away, Thus a Protocol(procedure) is needed to keep common areas clean, neat, and tidy.
On GWS, yes there are horizontal work surfaces, on ISS when the treadmill was undergoing repairs,a vice was used, a file created filings, and a vacuum was used to contain floaties. The worker use goggles and a mask. On GWS in 1-AG, you still need to clean up the floor, Tables, drawer liners, and surrounding area for FOD. Yes Yes special containers and precautions are taken in 1-AG, to prevent fly a ways in the event of AG loss.

Our concern is that if you stick everything you use on the outside of a ISPR(rack) surface, why bother having the storage drawers and coveys these things belong in.

As for parts that have been replaced, and future use may be needed, just store it when the task is done, get it out of the path of traffic. Trash has a designated collection point, put it there.

No, surfaces of all ISPRs, will not be totally clean, but the less clutter, the more well organized the entire area will be, the easier the traffic will flow through the area. Less opportunity to damage the items, and less opportunity to inflict harm on your own body.

So Jim, if there is a protocol, is it in writing? Where would we find this?
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Re: General ISS Q&A thread
« Reply #2241 on: 01/27/2017 09:27 PM »
Looking around, I couldn't find an answer to this elsewhere. Since the RD-0110 engine (used on the crewed variants of Soyuz) is made at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant which was recently implicated in the cause of the recent Progress launch failure, are we expecting crewed Soyuz flights to be impacted? If so, as there is not an alternative crew vehicle currently available, could this prevent us from continuing to crew the ISS?

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Re: General ISS Q&A thread
« Reply #2242 on: 08/26/2017 11:59 AM »
Has the Orbital Replacement Unit Transfer Device (OTD), brought by STS-96, ever been used ?
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Re: General ISS Q&A thread
« Reply #2243 on: 09/06/2017 07:52 PM »
HDEV seems to have been on the switching cameras/loss of signal screen for the past week, is there something wrong with it?

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Re: General ISS Q&A thread
« Reply #2244 on: 09/07/2017 02:46 PM »
HDEV seems to have been on the switching cameras/loss of signal screen for the past week, is there something wrong with it?

I'm pretty sure the HDEV feed is processed in Bldg 8 at JSC, which is one of the buildings that sustained hurricane damage.