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SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
« on: 07/15/2017 02:45 AM »
Discussion of the manifest, and updates. The best guess at the current manifest is in this post. 

The first four posts in this thread are maintained
1 - Current manifest and some links
2 - Past launches
3 - Smoliarm's graphical manifest
4 - links

Discussion of the table format should be done here: SpaceX Manifest Table Format Discussion
Prior thread: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 4

      C=Cape Canaveral Spaceport (KSC/CCAFS) (UTC-4 EDT,UTC-5 EST)
            CCAFS SLC-40: Active for Falcon 9
            KSC LC-39A: Active for Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, will need further work for Commercial Crew
      V=Vandenberg (UTC-7 PDT,UTC-8 PST)
            SLC-4E: Active for Falcon 9
      B=Boca Chica (UTC-5 CDT,UTC-6 CST)
            Site preparation work underway

U.S. daylight saving time starts second Sunday in March, ends first Sunday in November, time changes at 2:00 a.m. local time

       Local        LV  Core   Ret- .                             .    Mass   .     Mis-
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   S/N    urn  Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site sion
------------------- --- ------ ---  ----------------------------  ---  -----  -----  ----
2018-01-31  1625/-5F91032.2XGovSat-1 (SES-16)GTO4230C-4049
2018-02-06  1545/-5HRNR*LSLFH Demo/Tesla RoadsterESC~1.2kC-39A(H1)
2018-02-22  0617/-8F91038.2XPAZ & Microsat 2a/2bSSO2.2k+V-4E50
2018-03-06  0033/-5F91044XHispasat 1F (30W-6)GTO6092C-4051
2018-03-30  0714/-7F91041.2XIridium NEXT (Flight 5)PLR9600V-4E52
2018-04-02  1630/-4F91039.2XCRS SpX-14LEO~10kC-4053
2018-04-18  1851/-4F91045.1SNASA (TESS)HEO325C-4054
2018-05-11  1614/-4F91046SBangabandhu-1GTO3.7kC-39A55
2018-05-22  1248/-7F91043.2XIridium NEXT 6/GRACE-FOPLR~6kV-4E56
2018-06-04  0045/-4F91040.2XSES-12GTO5384C-4057
2018-06-29  0542/-4F91045.2XCRS SpX-15LEO~10kC-4058
2018-07-22  0150/-4F91047STelstar 19 VantageGTO7075C-4059
2018-07-25  0439/-7F91048SIridium NEXT (Flight 7)PLR9600V-4E60
2018-08-07  0118/-4F91046.2SMerah Putih (Telkom 4)GTO5800C-4061
2018-09-10  0045/-4F91049STelstar 18 Vantage/Apstar-5CGTO7060C-4062
2018-10-07*1921/-7F91048.2LSAOCOM 1ASSO3000V-4E63
2018-11-15  1546/-5F91047.2SEs'hail 2GTO5300C-39A64
2018-12-03  1034/-8F91046.3SSSO-ASSO~4kV-4E65
2018-12-05  1316/-5F91050LCRS SpX-16LEO~10kC-4066
------------------- --- ------ ---  ----------------------------  ---  -----  ----- ----
2018-12-18  0908/-5F91054XUSAF GPS III-1MEO3880C-4067
2019-01-07  0753/-8F91049.2SIridium NEXT (Flight 8)PLR9600V-4E68
2019-01-17 (NET)F91051SCCtCap DM1LEO.C-39A.
2019-02-13F9.?PSN VI / SpaceIL / GTO-1GTO~6k?C-40.
2019-Q1H.LSLArabsat 6AGTO~6kC-39AH2
2019-02F9.LCRS SpX-17LEO~10kC.
2019-02F9R.RADARSAT ConstellationSSO~5k?V-4E.
2019F9..SARah 1SSO~2200V-4E.
2019-Q2F9..CCiCap In-Flight Abort TestSUB.CN/A
2019-05-07F9.LCRS SpX-18LEO~10kC.
2019-06F9NSCCtCap DM2 (Crew)LEO.C-39A.
2019HNLSLSTP-2 (US Air Force)MEO~8k?C-39AH3
2019-H2F9..SAOCOM 1B and companionsSSO~3-4kV-4E.
2019F9..SARah 2/3SSO~3600V-4E .
2019-08 (NET)F9NSCCtCap Crew-1LEO.C-39A.
2019-10F9N.USAF GPS III-3MEO3880C.
2019-10F9..CRS SpX-19LEO~10kC.
2019-lateF9..SiriusXM SXM-7GTO>5400C(80)
2019-12 (NET)F9..USAF GPS III-4MEO3880C(100)
2020-01F9..CRS SpX-20LEO~10kC.
2020-midF9..SiriusXM SXM-8GTO>5400C(80)
2020F9..Türksat 5AGTO3500C.
2020F9..CRS2 SpX-21LEO~10kC.
2020-11F9..Sentinel-6 (Jason-CS)LEO1440V-4E.
2020F9..CRS2 SpX-22LEO~10kC.
2020F9..Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter?550C(82)
2020F9..USAF GPS III-5MEO3880C(100)
2020F9..USAF GPS III-6MEO3880C(100)
2020-late (NET)H..Ovzon-3GEO?C-39A.
2021F9..Türksat 5BGTO4500C.
2021F9R.WorldView LegionLEO.V.
2021F9R.WorldView LegionLEO.C.
2022 (Very NET)BFR..MarsTMI.?.
2023 (NET)BFR..#dearMoonTLI.?.
TBD (2020-2024)F9..Commercial Crew (5 flights)LEO.C-39A.
(begin late 2019?)F9..Starlink DeploymentLEO.C.
TBD (2021-2024)F9..CRS-2 (4+ flights)LEO.C.
TBD (2020-2022) of the ViaSat 3 satsGEO6400C-39A.

Companies that appear to have launch contracts for unspecified payloads:
Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Bigelow

Secondary payloads (primary payload may not be known yet)
ispace HAKUTO-R
Spacepharma cubesat

Date: *=Local date differs from UTC date
Return: L=Land,S=Sea,X=Expendable,N/A=Not Applicable
Launch Vehicle: F9=Falcon 9, H=Falcon Heavy, F=Falcon 9 or Heavy
Core: *=FH core numbers in footnotes, N=New, R=Reused
Mission: Blue number indicates additional information in footnotes.
Colors: Successful / Unsuccessful / Mars!!!! / Footnotes / Mission failure may not be SpaceX's fault

(48) Zuma - Reportedly suffered payload separation failure, not confirmed by unknown customer
(H1) FH Demo - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1023.2  Center:1033  Side2: 1025.2
(80) Sirius SXM-7, SXM-8 : SSL Contract Press Release / Gunter
(82) Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter : Post

(100) GPS III - Three flights (one ordered and two options)

Possible future payloads:
Spaceflight Industries : Upcoming Spaceflight Ind. schedule update
(85) Viasat 3 : one of first two Viasat 3 birds in mid-2019 or early-2020.  Also third Viasat 3 if it gets built?
  ViaSatellite 2/10/16 SpaceNews 2/10/2016 Gunter / SpaceNews update

Competitions for future payloads:
Air Force

Canceled payloads: ABS-8, AMOS-8, GiSat-1

L2 notes on manifest:

Upcoming Mars Launch Windows: 2020-06, 2022-08, 2024-09, 2026-11, 2029-01

SpaceX Mission Paperwork / Raul's Map
L2 SpaceX CRS External Cargo
L2 Level SpaceX Falcon 9 Stage Watch / Public Core Spotting
SpaceX Launch Log (past launches) / Wikipedia Falcon Launches
Viewing flights from Vandenberg / Ben Cooper's Viewing Guide for Cape Canaveral / Viewing Flights from KSC/CCAFS
Upcoming SpaceX Talks / General Industry Talks
SpaceX Falcon Mission Simulations
SpaceX Eastern Range Landing Facilities
NSF Manifest Threads: U.S. / Russian / Arianespace / Japanese / Chinese / Indian / Rocket Lab / Consolidated
Commercial Space Index Thread

Recent Edits:
Dec 7  Removing GiSat-1
Oct 25  Added Viasat 3
Oct 16  Added Ovzon Falcon Heavy flight NET late 2020
Oct 16  RCM now targeting February 2019
Oct 13  Moved SWOT from 2021-04 to 2021-09
Oct 4  Moved DM-1 to 2019-01, In-Flight Abort to 2019-Q2, DM-2 to 2019-06
Oct 2  Removed Viasat 3
Sep 26  Added ispace HAKUTO-R secondary payloads
Sep 25  Removed AMOS-8
Sep 7  Changed second GPS flight from III-2 to III-3, moved later in 2019.
Sep 6  Moved AMOS-8 a couple years later
Aug 14  Removed Spaceflight GTO rideshare.
Aug 10  Moved GPS III-1 to December 2019
Aug 2  Moved DM-1 to Nov 2018, DM-2 to Apr 2019, Es'hail-2 to Q4-2018
June 30  Removed some of the speculative Spaceflight rideshares until we get more info they really exist.
June 29  Updated the next few East Coast launches based on Ben Cooper's site.
June 21  Adding AFSPC-52
May 16  SES-12 moved to NET May 31.  GPS III-01 moved to NET October.
May 9  Moved STP-2 to NET October
May 8  Iridium 7 moved to NET July 9.  PSN VI moved to 2019
Apr 18  Telstar 18V in July
Apr 15  Moved STP-2 a little later in the year
Apr 11  Changed Bangabandhu-1 from April 24 to May 4
Apr 9  Moved Iridium 6 to May 19Moved SAOCOM 1A to September
Apr 4  Changed CRS-15 to June 28.

All comments and updates are welcomed!  Thank you to all contributors!
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
« Reply #1 on: 07/15/2017 02:45 AM »
Previous Missions

       Local        LV  Core   Ret- .                             .    Mass   .     Mis-
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   S/N    urn  Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site sion
------------------- --- ------ ---  ----------------------------  ---  -----  -----  ----
2010-06-04  1445/-4F9..Dragon Qual UnitLEO~6kC-401
2010-12-08  1043/-5F9..Dragon C1LEO~8kC-402
2012-05-22  0344/-4F9..Dragon C2LEO~8kC-403
2012-10-07*2035/-4F9..CRS SpX-1LEO~8kC-404
2013-03-01  1010/-5F9..CRS SpX-2LEO~9kC-405
2013-09-29  0900/-7F9..CassiopePLR500V-4E6
2013-12-03  1741/-5F9..SES-8GTO3183C-407
2014-01-06  1706/-5F9..Thaicom 6GTO3016C-408
2014-04-18  1525/-4F9..CRS SpX-3LEO~10kC-409
2014-07-14  1115/-4F9..Orbcomm OG2 Flight 1LEO1-2kC-4010
2014-08-05  0400/-4F9..Asiasat 8GTO4535C-4011
2014-09-07  0100/-4F9..Asiasat 6GTO4428C-4012
2014-09-21  0152/-4F9..CRS SpX-4LEO~10kC-4013
2015-01-10  0447/-5F9.SCRS SpX-5LEO~10kC-4014
2015-02-11  1803/-5F9..DSCOVREEO570C-4015
2015-03-01*2250/-5F9..Eutelsat 115WB/ABS 3AGTO4159C-4016
2015-04-14  1610/-4F9.SCRS SpX-6LEO~10kC-4017
2015-04-27  1903/-4F9..TürkmenÄlem 52E/MonacoSATGTO4707C-4018
2015-06-28  1021/-4F9.N/ACRS SpX-7 (failed)LEO~10kC-4019
2015-12-21  2029/-5F91019LORBCOMM OG2 Launch 2LEO1892C-4020
2016-01-17  1042/-8F9.SJason-3LEO553V-4E21
2016-03-04  1835/-5F9.SSES-9GTO5271C-4022
2016-04-08  1643/-4F91021.1SCRS SpX-8LEO~10kC-4023
2016-05-06  0121/-4F91022SJCSAT-14GTO4696C-4024
2016-05-27  1740/-4F91023.1SThaicom 8GTO3025C-4025
2016-06-15  1029/-4F9.SEutelsat 117W B & ABS-2AGTO4200C-4026
2016-07-18  0045/-4F9.LCRS SpX-9LEO~10kC-4027
2016-08-14  0126/-4F9.SJCSAT-16GTO~4600C-4028
2016-09-01  0907/-4F9.N/AAMOS-6(destroyed in pad test)GTO5500C-4029
2017-01-14  0954/-8F91029.1SIridium NEXT (Flight 1)PLR9600V-4E30
2017-02-19  0939/-5F91031.1LCRS SpX-10LEO~10kC-39A31
2017-03-16  0200/-4F91030XEchostar 23GTO~5500C-39A32
2017-03-30  1827/-4F91021.2SSES-10GTO5282C-39A33
2017-05-01  0715/-4F91032.1LNROL-76LEO?C-39A34
2017-05-15  1921/-4F91034XInmarsat 5 F4GTO6086C-39A35
2017-06-03  1707/-4F91035.1LCRS SpX-11LEO~10kC-39A36
2017-06-23  1510/-4F91029.2SBulgariaSat-1GTO3669C-39A37
2017-06-25  1325/-7F91036.1SIridium NEXT (Flight 2)PLR9600V-4E38
2017-07-05  1938/-4F91037XIntelsat 35eGTO6761C-39A39
2017-08-14  1231/-4F91039.1LCRS SpX-12LEO~10kC-39A40
2017-08-24  1151/-7F91038.1SFORMOSAT-5SSO475V-4E41
2017-09-07  1000/-4F91040LAir Force X-37B OTV-5LEO5400C-39A42
2017-10-09  0537/-7F91041.1SIridium NEXT (Flight 3)PLR9600V-4E43
2017-10-11  1853/-4F91031.2SSES-11/Echostar 105GTO5200C-39A44
2017-10-30  1534/-4F91042SKoreasat-5AGTO3700C-39A45
2017-12-15  1036/-5F91035.2LCRS SpX-13LEO~10kC-4046
2017-12-22*1727/-8F91036.2XIridium NEXT (Flight 4)PLR9600V-4E47

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
« Reply #2 on: 07/20/2017 12:32 PM »
[Moderator Note:  This chart is maintained by a different person than the table in the first post, so they may be slightly out of sync.  Discussion of the chart format should take place in the SpaceX Manifest Table Format Discussion thread.]

1. This chart is based on information from open sources only. Therefore, it has a lot of guesswork.
2. I fully realize that most of actual dates and even launch order will turn out quite different, but prediction is not the purpose. The purpose of the chart is to visualize “launch density” and possible scheduling conflicts for Cape and Vandenberg.
I’ll update this chart as new scheduling information becomes available, however, some time-gap between this chart and the above schedule table is inevitable (will try to minimize it :) )

Notes for the chart (permanent ones)
Vertical scale:
Shows three pads operated by SpaceX at two ranges – Vandenberg and Cape Canaveral – enclosed in dotted grey lines.
Horizontal scale is approximate because I just divided year into 12 equal periods, therefore tick-marks are not exactly on the 1st of the month.
Launch marks:
SpaceX launches are blue circles. Blue crosses show the dates of successful Static Fire tests for the past launches and the one already scheduled for the next launch. Bright blue labels denote government launches (NASA, NRO, and USAF).
Red circles represent all other launches (ULA and Orbital ATK) from any pads of these two ranges.
Vertical green line shows the date for a particular version of the chart.

Note for particular chart (as of July 28, 2017).
Basically just one thing: the Oct-Dec schedule for Cape is pretty tight.
The launch cadence is similar to May-June, but there is a difference - in May-June SpaceX had Eastern Range all for themselves, there were no flights by ULA in this period.  Here they have three launches for Oct-Dec, and all satellites are for military.
Note for update of Aug 16 2017:
Two ULA launches moved to 2018 (pale-dotted marks show their old launch dates).
So for Oct-Dec, SpaceX is the only user of Eastern Range.
Note for Oct 22 2017 update:
For some cases I have number of days between launches with (?) mark.
It means that this gap appears too short by some reasons.
Note for Apr 04 2018 update:
The chart is now in slightly modified format:
Pale-green marks show launches which are listed in green dash frames.
For those satellites we know just the fact they are in plans for 2018 launch.
So we do not know the time frame, the launch order, even the pad sometimes.
Therefore these marks are not labelled and they are at arbitrary-even spacing.
They just illustrate the total number of launches in plans at this time.
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
« Reply #3 on: 07/21/2017 07:45 PM »
Useful links related to keeping track of manifest and scheduling stuff for SpaceX and the launch industry in general.

NSF Manifest Threads:
   U.S. / SpaceX / Russian / Arianespace / Japanese / Chinese / Indian / Rocket Lab / Consolidated

   NASA ASAP Meeting Minutes (last October 11, 2018)
   NASA Advisory Council HEO Committee (next Dec 6-7,  2018)
   ISS On-Orbit Status Report
   Upcoming ELaNA Cubesat Launches
   Space Station Research Experiments
   NASA/KSC Acronyms
   NASA Space Act Agreements

Annual Reports:
   Satellite Industry Association's annual "State of Satellite Industry"
   FAA Annual Compendiums of Commercial Space Transportation
   GAO Annual Assessment of NASA Large Scale Programs
   Aeronautics and Space Report of the President

Satellite Constellations Under Development:
   FCC NGSO Constellation filings (Nov 2016/Mar 2017)
   SpaceX - now a satellite vendor?
   SpaceX FCC filing for a 4425 satellite constellation providing Internet service
   OneWeb constellation (+900 sats) to be built by Airbus
   Boeing constellation

Regulatory Agencies:
   FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
      FAA Active Commercial Launch Licenses
   FAA NOTAMs (choose Type=Space Operations)
   FCC IBFS (Commercial Satellites and Ground Stations)
   FCC OET Experimental Licensing System (Experimental permits, launch/landing comms)
   NOAA CRSRA Licensing
   USCG NOTMAR District 7 (Florida)
   USCG NOTMAR District 11 (California) : SpaceX : Space Exploration Technologies

Environmental Stuff:
   Patrick AFB
   FAA (Look under "Experimental" and "Launch Operator" sections)

   DoD Contracts (Federal Business Opportunities) (Federal Procurement Data System)

Launch Sites:
   Patrick AFB Weather (Cape Canaveral)
   Air Force reveals plan for up to 48 launches per year from Cape Canaveral

   Commercial Space Index Thread
   FISO Telecon Archive Index (good events schedule for space meetings/conferences/hearings)

   NASA Commercial Crew Blog
   SpaceX CCtCAP Milestones
   Commercial Crew Schedule Analysis
   Commercial Crew (CCtCAP) - Discussion Thread
   Commercial Crew providers making "significant progress" toward first flights
   Dragon 2 (Thread 3)
   CCtCAP Requirements

Past manifest snapshots

Past schedule edits:

Mar 26  AMOS-8 has been ordered, still targeting second half of 2020.
Mar 14  Added two WorldView Legion flights in 2021.  Added three GPS III flights in 2019-2020.
Feb 22  Moved Iridium 5 from March 20 to March 29, Iridium 6 from April 14 to late April
Feb 21  Moved Arabsat 6A from mid-2018 to later in the year.
Feb 15  Moved TESS from March 20 to NET April 16, switched from pad 39A to 40.
Feb 8  Moved GPS III-1 to NET September from NET May, SpaceX has GPS III-2 launch.
Feb 7  Removed SpaceX Crewed Circumlunar
Feb 1  Moved PAZ from Feb 10 to Feb 17
Jan 19  Changed Iridium 5 from Q1 to March 18.  Changed PSN VI from 2018 to Q4-2018
Jan 17  Changed Bangabandhu-1 from March to March 26 (NET)
Jan 15  Moved CRS-14 from Mar 13 to Apr 2, CRS-15 from Jun 6 to Jun 9 (from Spaceflight Now schedule updates)
Jan 13  Moved SSO-A from 2018-04 to mid 2018.
Jan 11  Moved DM-1 to August from Q2, DM-2 to December from August.  Moved PAZ to Feb 10 from Feb.
Jan 05  Moved SAOCOM-1A from June to August 2018

Dec 29  Moved CRS-16 to November, CRS-17/18 to 2019
Dec 19  Moved GRACE-FO from March to April 14
Dec 18  Added Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) in 2020
Dec 14  Moved Telkom 4 from August 2018 to NET May 2018.
Dec 12  The May 2018 GPS mission changed from GPS III-2 to GPS III-1
Nov 24  Moved Bangabandhu from February to March
Nov 12  Moving Hispasat 30W-6 to first half of 2018 as there is much uncertainly about the launch date.
Nov 09  Adding Türksat 5A in 2020 and Türksat 5B in 2021
Oct 19  Moving Iridium NEXT Flight 4 to Dec 22 from late November.  Adding Sentinel-6A in November 2020.
Oct 18  Adding Amos-17 in Q2-2019 and Amos-8 in H2-2020.  Putting most of the Spaceflight Industries flights down in the TBD list at the end until we have a better idea when they will actually fly.  Moved GiSat-1 from 2018-Q4 to 2019.
Oct 14  Added Mystery Payload Codename Zuma in mid-November (this was formerly listed as unknown Northrop Grumman)
Oct 09  PAZ moved to Jan 30 from December.
Oct 05  SES-11 delayed to Oct. 11.  Bangabandhu-1 delayed to February from December.  GovSat/SES-16 delayed to January from December.  DM-1 moved to April 2018 from February, DM-2 moved to August 2018 from June, In-Flight Abort presumed to be between them in mid-2018.
Oct 01  Koreasat 5A set for Oct. 30, CRS-13 set for Nov. 28
Sep 28 Moved SSO-A from 2018-02 to 2018-Q2
Sep 11 Move SAOCOM-1A from March to June 2018
Sep 06 Added Sirius SXM-7 in 2019, SXM-8 in 2020.  Removed line items for Eutelsat and Inmarsat, added list at the end for customers with unspecified contracts.
Sep 04 Added Kacific-1/JCSat-18 in second half of 2019
Aug 31 Telkom 4 moved from June to August 2018
Aug 28 SES-14 switched to Ariane 5 launch.  SES-12 switched to F9 launch Q1-2018.
Aug 25 Moved Iridium Flight 3 to October 4.
Aug 23 Removed Spaceflight Industries GTO-1, SSO-D
Aug 22 GRACE-FO March 21, 2018.  CRS-14 late January 2018?, CRS-15 June 2018.
Aug 13 Moved CRS-13 to early December
Jul 28  Moved Iridium 4 to late November, Iridium 5 to Q1-2018, SES-11 to October
Jul 26  Moved OTV-5 to September, Telstar 18V & 19V to Q2-2018
Jul 22  Moved SES-16 to December 2017
Jul 21  Moved CRS-12 to August 14.  Moved DM-1 to February 2018.
Jul 19  Removed Red Dragon
Jul 11  Moved SAOCOM-1A to March 2018, SAOCOM-1B to 2019, removed specific months from future Iridium flights
Jun 30  Moved SES-14 to 2018-Q1
Jun 28  Moved OTV-5 to August 28.
Jun 27  Removed exact date from OTV-5.  Moved Formosat-5 to August 24.  Moved Iridium Flight 3 to September.  Moved SES-11 to September.  Moved Koreasat-5A to Q4.  Moved PSN-6 to mid-2018.  Moved Intelsat 35e to July 2.  Removed ViaSat-3 Asia.  Marked Iridium Flight 2 complete.
Jun 23  Moved CRS-12 to Aug 10.  Marked BulgariaSat 1 complete.
Jun 22  Moved Arabsat 6A before STP-2, both early/H1 2018
Jun 17  OTV-5 August 17.  Changed table format, now being maintained by gongora.
Jun 06  Slipped Bulgariasat 2 days.  Added X-37B in August 2017
Jun 05  Marked CRS-11 successful.  Removed speculative Mars mission dates.
Jun 02  Removed Eutelsat Quantum
May 25  Moved Iridium Flight 2 to June 25 (1325 PDT).  Moved Intelsat 35e to July 1.
May 24  Moved Koreasat-5A to August (educated guess), CCiCap In-Flight Abort to 2018
         removed estimated launch month from FH Demo and STP-2
May 23  Moved Eutelsat Quantum to 2019
May 21  Added Telkom 4, June 2018
May 20  Moved CCtCap DM-1 to March 2018
May 17  Moved PSN-6 to 2018
May 14  updated masses (Telstar, Es'hail-2, Hispasat, GiSat) and core numbers for multiple missions 
May 04  Moved SSO-A to 2018
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
« Reply #4 on: 07/21/2017 11:40 PM »
Thanks for the illuminating schedule chart.

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SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
« Reply #5 on: 07/22/2017 07:06 AM »

GovSat-1 launch expected for December 2017 #GovSat1 #satellite #Luxembourg #Europe #Defence…

Edit: added the tweet contents. Just realized that Tapatalk now automatically displays tweets from just the link alone, but the forum (accessed directly) does not..

Text from related 21 juli article:
De Satellit GovSat-1 dierft mat liichtem Retard lancéiert ginn. Den initiale Plang war e Lancement am Oktober. Vun der privater US-Entreprise SpaceX hätt een elo eng Zäitfënster confirméiert kritt. A priori fir Dezember, sou de Generaldirekter vu LuxGovSat Patrick Biewer. Enn 2017, respektiv Ufank 2018 soll de Betrib vum sougenannte Militär-Satellit kënnen ufänken

So SpaceX gave LuxGovSat CEO Patrick Biewer notice the launch is now planned for December
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SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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Any chance you will start using flight proven boosters for coming launches?
Sure, there is always a chance...
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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Possible change in X-37B date:

Changes to Eastern Range launch schedule: SpaceX CRS-12 now no earlier than 8/14; SpaceX X-37B NET 9/7; ULA NROL-52 NET 9/25.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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[SpaceNews] Telesat says low latency led to LEO constellation
Telesat does have two GEO-HTS satellites under construction, Telstar-18 Vantage and Telstar-19 Vantage, from Space Systems Loral of Palo Alto, California. Those are scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2018, Goldberg said. Both are launching on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets. Telstar-18 Vantage, which Hong Kong-based APT Satellite is co-financing in exchange for capacity on the satellite, targets the Asia Pacific; Telstar 19 Vantage covers the Americas.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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Peter B. de Selding‏ @pbdes

Next @IridiumComm launch by @SpaceX is set for Sept. 30 from VAFB, Iridium says.

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What kind of wastrels would dump a perfectly good booster in the ocean after just one use?

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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Iridium Announces Third Iridium® NEXT Launch Date

MCLEAN, Va. – July 28, 2017 - Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) announced today that the upcoming Iridium NEXT launch has been targeted for September 30, 2017 at 6:30 a.m. PDT. This launch will deliver another 10 Iridium NEXT satellites to orbit on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and will bring the total number of Iridium NEXT satellites deployed to 30. SpaceX selected the September 30th launch date based on rocket and Vandenberg Air Force Base range availability. SpaceX’s targeted launch schedule accommodates completion of the Iridium NEXT constellation as planned in mid-2018. In total, SpaceX will deliver 75 Iridium NEXT satellites to orbit. In case of inclement weather, a backup launch date has been scheduled for October 1.

Unlike previous launches where some Iridium NEXT satellites were sent drifting to an orbital plane different from where they were launched, all 10 satellites for this launch are currently planned to provide service in orbital plane four. The Iridium constellation’s unique architecture is designed with six polar orbiting planes consisting of 11 interconnected satellites per plane, with in-orbit spares, creating a true web of connectivity around the planet.

SpaceX has scheduled the fourth launch to take place in late November. Iridium NEXT manufacturing has completed enough satellites for nearly the next three SpaceX launches. All Iridium NEXT launches take place from SpaceX’s West Coast launch facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Iridium NEXT is the company’s $3 billion next-generation mobile, global satellite network scheduled for completion in 2018. Iridium NEXT will replace the company’s

existing global constellation in one of the largest technology upgrades ever completed in space. It represents the evolution of critical communications infrastructure that governments and organizations worldwide rely upon to drive business, enable connectivity, empower disaster relief efforts and more. Iridium NEXT will enable and introduce new services like the company’s next-generation communications platform, Iridium CertusSM, and the AireonSM space-based ADS-B aircraft surveillance and flight tracking network. The Iridium NEXT satellites are manufactured by Thales Alenia Space and assembled by its subcontractor, Orbital ATK, at its facility in Gilbert, Arizona.

For more information about Iridium NEXT, please visit

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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SES-11 may have slipped to October?  SES quarterly earning statement was released today.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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SES-11 may have slipped to October? 

If so, SES-11 may now be the first flight from pad 40 after its reactivation.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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SES-11 may have slipped to October? 

If so, SES-11 may now be the first flight from pad 40 after its reactivation.

That's fitting because SES-11 was supposed to be the first 39A launch after it was finished, pre-AMOS 6

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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A good place for this per the SpaceX side:
Eastern Range ready to return with two key launches after stand down - by Chris Gebhardt
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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My current guess for matching FCC permits to future SpaceX missions (a very inexact science):

[Payload (FCC Mission #) - Location, Landing Method]
CRS-12 (CRS-12) - Florida, RTLS
Formosat 5 (1344) - California, ASDS
OTV-5 (1348) - Florida, RTLS
SES-11 (1334) - Florida, ASDS
Iridium Flight 3 (1339) - California, ASDS
Koreasat-5A (1370) - Florida, permit is for either RTLS or ASDS
CRS-13 (not filed yet)
Hispasat 30W-6 (1387) - Florida, Expendable

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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SES-11 (1334) - Florida, ASDS
FCC M1334 should be already used for BulgariaSat-1 mission

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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Launch of @EchoStar-105/@SES_Satellites-11 C/Ku/Ka-band sat on @SpaceX Falcon 9 now scheduled for "early 4th quarter," EchoStar says.

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