Author Topic: Countdown to new smallsat launchers  (Read 45307 times)

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Re: Countdown to new smallsat launchers
« Reply #240 on: 03/14/2017 04:47 AM »
And one of the companies in this list has actually pulled a tiny launch stunt

Zero2Infinity, seems like ~toy-sized prototype, but hey it launched at 25km altitude, actual hardware even if subscale, and apparently validated a bunch of operational stuff.
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Re: Countdown to new smallsat launchers
« Reply #241 on: 04/10/2017 12:14 PM »
So I guess a round-up summary of small launcher developments in Q1 2017 is:

RocketLab have taken Electron vertical and are still promosing a launch in a few months.

Vector have created a test flight Vector-R which they intend to launch on a sub-orbital test flight soon.

Zero2infinity have ignited a [small] engine on their Bloostar vehicle.

Virgin Galactic have spunout LauncherOne development to Virgin Orbit.

Failure of SS-520-4.

Still just under 50 small launch vehicles in development, no signs of serious market consolidation yet (probably because there are also no signs of one company running away and leading the pack).