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Re: SCE-200 semi-cryo engine info
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In a recent interview LPSC director casually mentioned they have began manufacturing the first test engine

According to S. Somnath, LPSC Director, ISRO wants to test a semi-crygenic engine prototype in a year.

Considering that the global space market’s future will be defined by heavy lift boosters, it is imperative for Isro to develop the GSLV’s advanced avatars as soon as possible. The international launch scene is changing rapidly with newer launchers constantly pushing the bar higher on payload capability.

Isro scientists seem ready for the challenge and have set their sights on leapfrogging to GSLVs powered by semi-cryogenic engines. Fuelled by kerosene and liquid oxygen, these engines would be capable of lofting ten-ton satellites into space, cutting launch costs dramatically. "We expect to test the prototype of a semi-cryogenic engine in a year’s time," says Somnath. "And we may fly it by 2021. Engine development takes a very long time, at least 10 years for realisation."

Source :GSAT-9 launch:?With South Asia Satellite Isro moves into heavyweight category

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