Author Topic: One year on - Report notes superb performance of STS-135's SRBs  (Read 5179 times)

Online Chris Bergin

Epic Chris Gebhardt article.

Rather than rehashing about the launch, this is a new IFA-style angle on the SRB performance (a good angle for several reasons, not least because the boosters are living on with new vehicles).

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Excellent article, and I love to see the orbiters around for a bit again  :)

Links to L2 always lead me to digging in again and reading a few hundred pages just on one part of a launch vehicle - amazing.

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Great read. Going to be many years before we get back to this, and never at all as far as the capability.

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One year down, five more to go. :(

Great article Chris G.
NASASpaceflight ISS Editor

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This level of detail is exactly what this site is all about. Thanks!

And special thanks for the photo showing a spaceplane headed for orbital velocity!
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Such a good article, and great use of images.

Now also going through the IFA and SRB sections on L2. Some great items in there.