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Missions To The Moon (HSF) / Re: ITS for the Moon
« Last post by speedevil on Today at 05:03 PM »
But primarily any significant source of carbon found would enable the creation of methane when combined with water and other O2 from oxides.
I now wonder at what velocity you can hard-land coal on the moon, and have it remain in the general area at moderate concentration.
(I would be astonished if this was actually worthwhile)
Yeah, people came from around the globe to attend it.
SpaceX Missions Section / Re: Launch, Land, and Relaunch Party Thread
« Last post by TripD on Today at 04:51 PM »
That must've been a World Totally Flat event!
Commercial Space Flight General / Re: Vector Space Systems
« Last post by savuporo on Today at 04:48 PM »

Seriously, what have they done that is in any way better or more sophisticated than the Nexo rocket of Copenhagen Suborbitals?

Raising money.
Also, actually hired a bunch of people for the job.
Speculating,  maybe this separation component has something to do with SpaceX Zuma component.  Explosive bolt testing might have found a bad batch?
Do the flat earthers ever have a convention?  I would love to go to one.  Just give me a list of questions please.

Yup, but you just missed it.
Why go to the expense of two dragons, take a BEAM instead. Add an extended duration pallet to the trunk too, if needed... Could make for some interesting stories.
Because then they'll be dependent on Bigelow, and I don't think they want that.  Plus, Dragons are reusable.
Any possibility of an attempt Sunday?

No. No NOTAM published, no launch date announced and the F9 back horizontal.

Just out of curiosity is there a mandated minimum required advance notice for NOTAM's?

No, NOTAMs are issued by the FAA and there are no limits on when the NOTAMs can be issued.  When something unexpected comes up, the NOTAM can be issued to take effect immediately, with zero advance notice.
ZUMA must launch by end of November so cannot move to SLC-40

What happens if the fairing problem can't be resolved before Nov 30?

Maybe the Zuma payload will be sent to the scrapping factory...
that seems unlikely. Probably SpaceX will have to pay penalties. But doesn't this speculation belong on ZUMA threads?
has anybody thought about using aircraft carriers as mobile landing and launch pads.

Nope.  First time ever.   ::)

A dozen reasons why it makes no sense.  TL;DR:  The operational footprint of such a platform is disqualifying.

I was thinking from the DOD's interest in BFS as a logistics deployer. And I think they have the "operational footprint" covered.
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