Author Topic: Parts of Falcon 9 were transported by AN-124 Ruslan  (Read 1314 times)

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Ukrainian news-outlet reports that AN-124 transported some "spare parts for rockets of SpaceX" from Los Angeles to Florida.
(in Russian)
The article was published 1/11/2018 19:12.
It says the reason for airlift was "rapid delivery to avoid financial loss".
It also has link to flightradar record of the flight

One strange thing though: it says the cargo was part of payload fairing. But it states the total cargo weight was 28 tons, which sounds more like the whole first stage. Anyway, I thought it might be of some interest here, as a new detail in production/launch flow for SpaceX.

Also, it seems like an indication of their financial health - they can afford Ruslan :)

Google translation of whole text:
AN-124 Ruslan aircraft of the Ukrainian aviation company Antonov delivered spare parts for SpaceX missiles to the USA, breaking 3,613 km.

The flight report is available on the Flightradar24 website.

The Ukrainian carrier transported a large-sized part weighing more than 28 tons from the airport in Los Angeles to Titusville, Florida. The flight lasted 4:33 hours.

The task was to transport part of the payload fairing of the rocket. It was very important to do this promptly because of possible financial losses.

Earlier NV reported that Antonov sent an application to the US Department of Transportation for an unscheduled flight by Ruslan from the airport in Los Angeles to Titusville or directly to Cape Canaveral, Florida in the SpaceX project.

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Re: Parts of Falcon 9 were transported by AN-124 Ruslan
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This has already been mentioned in the General Falcon and Dragon Discussion thread and the GovSat-1 thread