Author Topic: SpaceX Falcon 9 : PAZ & Microsat 2a/2b : SLC-4E Vandenberg : Feb 10, 2018  (Read 32506 times)

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Sunrise at Vandenberg on February 10th is 6:53 AM PST, which means that it'll be 31 minutes before sunrise at the time Paz launches. Here's the link to confirm this statement.

And yes, it's possible that many LA residents will be shocked at the F9 engine plumes again and confuse it for a fictitious UFO.
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"Liftoff of Falcon 9: the world's first reflight of an orbital-class rocket."

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If they indeed attempt to land on this flight, now looking more than likely that it would RTLS per this-

the clearance for sonic booms been issued! ;D
"The Falcon has landed"