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Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Reply #60 on: 01/01/2018 09:28 PM »
I liked it, alot, as Luke said in the trailer, 'this isn't going to go the way you think'.

For those picking holes with falling bombs or similar well I have problems with artificial and anti gravity, superluminal flight, spacecraft that fly like aeroplanes, laser swords and space wizards, who cares though, it's a movie!
The criticism around the bombs baffles me. Not only for the reason you said, but...there's gravity inside the ships, right? And that's where the bombs are...
Also there's gravity on board the enemy ship. How far out does the gravity "field" stretch?

This is exactly the sort of conversation that kills enjoyment of this sort of movie, of course :)

I thought TLJ was great. Subverted expectations, gave everyone a satisfying arc, and had some unforgettable set-pieces.