Author Topic: Ready To Be A Space Entrepreneur? The Star Fellow Startup Program  (Read 900 times)

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Do you have an idea for a space-related product/service, but you're not sure how to mature the idea and build a company around it?

SpaceNews has an article about a new initiative by the Founder Institute, which is the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program.

500 new space startups by 2025? The Founder Institute wants to make that happen. -

The co-founder and CEO of the Founder Institute is Adeo Ressi, who was Elon Musk's college roommate, and who went with Musk to Russia when they were trying to buy a ride to Mars. Adeo is also a serial entrepreneur, and the Founder Institute has operations in 180 cities around the world. So this space-related initiative is based on their proven model with other types of startups.

More info: The Ultimate Frontier

Star Fellow program application info
If we don't continuously lower the cost to access space, how are we ever going to afford to expand humanity out into space?