Author Topic: Zhongxing-9A (Chinasat-9A), CZ-3B/G2 - XSLC - June 18, 2017 (16:11 UTC)  (Read 18666 times)

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Chinese satellite Zhongxing-9A enters preset orbit

BEIJING, July 6 (Xinhua) -- The communications satellite Zhongxing-9A has entered its preset orbit over two weeks after its launch on June 19.

Abnormal performance was identified during the third phase of the Long March-3B launch, which failed to deliver the satellite as planned.

The satellite conducted 10 orbit adjustments with its onboard thrusters and Wednesday reached its preset orbit at 101.4 degrees east longitude over the equator, according to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) Thursday.

Currently, the satellite's systems are operational and the transponders are on, said the CASC, adding that a series of tests will be carried out.

Zhongxing-9A is the first Chinese-made satellite for live radio and television broadcasts.

An anomaly was found on the carrier rocket's rolling control thruster, part of the attitude control engine, during the third gliding phase, according to an investigation.

The rocket team has also completed a thorough technology analysis and expanded examinations.

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Investigation shown RCS thruster malfunction led to this failure

To elaborate, the official statement points to "a failure of the roll-control RCS thrusters of the third stage during the coast phase" as to the cause.

This was actually first reported back on June 21 in an interview with ex-Long March 3 development program manager/chief designer Long Lehao (*) - he said that "......the rocket stage was in a negative roll rate during coasting, which should have been corrected through negative feedback with a positive roll rate command, but it went wrong during actual operations......".

I take that means it's more of a GNC/sensor failure than actual hardware failing, but that's just me.  :-X

Back to the satellite, it turns out that I was right in that it was really the ex-SinoSat-4 that was stored for 6 years (2010-2016) due to lack of satellite DBS demands.  ::) The satellite eventually reached 101.4 deg. East on July 5 at around 13:00 UTC.

One last thing - the s/n for the LM-3B is Y28.

(*) Despite long retired and well into the 90s, he is still one of the "default spokesperson" for reporters asking about Chinese rockets. He apparently still follows around rocket launches in the LCC, including the ill-fated LM-5 flight last week!
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No new TLE from Spacetrack since June 19

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Galactic Penguin ...... which CZ-3B please?

I always wonder why the Chinese translate the launch vehicle names from Changzheng to "Long March" when discussing them, but the satellite/spacecraft names are not similarly translated, other than just in passing occasionally.

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At last found at 101.4 E.
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New TLE:
edit: satellite is confirmed at 101.4E from new TLE
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Confirmed the planned apogee was 42000 km, and optimized Maneuvering had saved 100 kg propellant
Launch Land Relaunch

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New TLE:
edit: satellite is confirmed at 101.4E from new TLE

The data which you show are from the Satellite Situation Report: they are not a Two-Line Orbital Element.