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Re: Flight crew assignments
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 03/14/2012 14:17

 The campaign for the selection of astronauts will start on March 14, 2017 - Interdepartmental Commission decided to hold FGBU "NII TsPK named after Yu.A.  Gagarin "(CPC) contest for the selection of candidates for the cosmonaut squad of Roscosmos in 2017.

 The goal is to select the best specialists who, having the skills of working with space and / or aircraft equipment, will become the first pilots of the new Russian spacecraft Federation, will work on the program of the International Space Station (ISS), and will be the first Russians to fly to The Moon.

 According to the terms of the competition, it is planned to select six to eight people, who will supplement the detachment of cosmonauts ROSKOSMOSA.

 Contestants have to go through several stages.  Selection for compliance with the requirements for education and professional fitness provides for applicants for candidates for cosmonauts a body of knowledge necessary for the successful completion of training programs for cosmonauts.  The complex of medical examinations will allow to conduct the next stage of selection of applicants.  Successful completion of a set of activities that allow assessing the psychological qualities of applicants is a prerequisite for winning a contest.  Also, candidates will have to undergo testing for compliance with the requirements for physical fitness.

 Applicant candidates for cosmonauts of the Russian Federation may be a citizen of the Russian Federation.
 Age of applicants should not exceed 35 years.
 Applicants must have a higher education in engineering, scientific or flight specialties and have work experience.  Priority for selection is enjoyed by persons who have experience in the aviation and rocket and space industry of the Russian Federation.
 Applicants must comply with the following requirements necessary for the subsequent preparation for a space flight, in particular:  Have the ability to study space technology (demonstrate the ability to understand the basics and principles of building technical systems, understanding their physical nature, the ability to memorize technical information, terminology and technical characteristics);
 Have knowledge of interaction with computer equipment;
 To know a foreign language (English) within the requirements of programs of non-linguistic high schools of the Russian Federation, etc.

 A full list of requirements for candidates and a list of necessary documents can be found on the website of the State Corporation "ROSCOSMOS" and the CPC ( ).

 The main stages of the selection of candidates for cosmonauts of ROSKOSMOSA will be held on the basis of the TsKK them.  Yu.A.  Gagarin.

 The documents are sent by mail with a notification or delivered by the applicant personally to the address: 141160, Moscow region, Star City, Head of FGBU "NII TsPK named after Yu.A.  Gagarin "with a note" To the commission for the selection of candidates for cosmonauts. "

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Re: Flight crew assignments
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According to his Twitter account Mr. Wheelock is (again) the
NASA Director of Operations - Star City, Russia.
This entry has been removed now.
Any information who is now working in Star City.
Acaba recently served as Director of Operations Russia in Star City supporting crew training in Soyuz and Russian Segment systems. He is currently training to be a Flight Engineer for Expedition 53/54.