Author Topic: Gemini EVA Changes  (Read 928 times)

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Gemini EVA Changes
« on: 03/19/2017 02:06 PM »
After reading through several NASA press releases from 1966, I noticed that Gemini 8 had an "amazing" EVA planned for Dave Scott.

Looking at EVA plans for Gemini 9, Gene Cernan (and earlier Charlie Bassett) had similar EVA tasks planned.

Both flights had the Gemini commander separating Gemini from the Agena while conducting EVA.

Any one know why this plan was dropped for Gemini 10 through 12?

Thank you.

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Re: Gemini EVA Changes
« Reply #1 on: 03/20/2017 07:00 AM »
Well, I might be wrong, and this is only my reader's guess, but:

The Cernan EVA was a near-catastrophy experience. Dehydration from extreme heating, liters of sweat, vision obstructed by humidity on the helmet and radio communication problems (recommand reading the Stafford Oral History about that one).
Considering timing between the missions, astronauts and mission planners probably wanted to fix issues about EVAs before trying it again on Gemini? 

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Re: Gemini EVA Changes
« Reply #2 on: 03/20/2017 08:49 AM »
Cernan EVA was a quite near-catastrophy experience

Already as his Suit got pressurized, it became stiff
So stiff Cernan had struggled to move inside his space suit.
He described his spacesuit as having "all the flexibility of a rusty suit of armor"

movie out Hatch he loose control and tumbling uncontrollably.
after he regain control, he move to back of Gemini capsule
but the lack of hand and foot holds also made him unable to gain any leverage.
His hart beat went from 155 to 188 per minute as finaly reach the AMU
Cernan was overheated and sweat allot, some thing his suit was not design for.
so it's helmet visor began to fog. He rubbed his nose against the visor to clear a spot so he could see.

At ground control the Doctors worry about Cernan conditions
in Mean time Cernan physically exhausted, decided also not proceed with AMU test and to return.
Stafford became worry that Cernan was unable to return into capsule.
on his way back Cernan try to recover a mirror installed out side capsule,
but failed do overheating, it's helmet visor began to fog again.

Stafford managen to get Cernan true hatch and help him with force to sit down
while Cernan felt excruciating pain getting in sitting position in his Stiff suit 
Together they manage to close the  hatch and pressurized the Cabin
after 128 minute ordeal in space.

Who to blame ?
The Spacesuit modification for AMU, was modified for it use.
this was not only the  "pants" made of woven steel but also additional layers on suit
What results in lack of mobility Cernan experienced during EVA
next to that the Gemini suits were cooled by air. inadequate to deal with heat and sweat of hard working Astronaut.
also lack of hand and foot holds on Gemini increase the workload on Cernan