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SpaceX Mars Section Header
« on: 09/28/2016 09:34 PM »
Now Elon has dropped ITS on our desks we've started several new threads for ITS in this section. We've also renamed a few ongoing threads. We've locked some threads which have been replaced with the new ITS topics.

As with all the forum sections, it's an organic process. Wouldn't work to swamp the section with 20 new threads. So we'll start with these threads and add new ones as we go for large interest topics relating to ITS.

And remember, this is also the section for Red Dragon and other SpaceX Mars elements. It now - via one thread - also covers SpaceX ITS for missions past Mars. Never thought I'd say that!

As always, stay on topic in each thread, make sure your post is worthy of the thread (remember, those posting in the thread is less than 1 percent of the audience actually reading the thread) and be civil....especially you Jim! ;)

Online Chris Bergin

Re: SpaceX Mars Section Header
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PS Likes are back on in this board. So strange, but when I changed the section description last night (RIP Red Dragon), it removed the likes permissions. No idea why, I just work here. Sorted now ;D