Author Topic: Chang‘e-4 communications relay satellite, CZ-4C, XSLC - June 2018  (Read 1936 times)

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The Chang'e 4 relay spacecraft is planned for launch in June 2018. It will travel to the Earth-Moon L2 point to enable communications with a farside lander to be launched later the same year.

It will be launched by a CZ-4C rocket.
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from Chinaspaceflight on Twitter

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Looks like the relay satellite will be accompanied by two small satellites, doing a combination of radio astronomy and amateur radio outreach work - enthusiasts can download telemetry and images.  The relay satellite is at L2  but these are apparently in an elliptical lunar orbit.

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I think the whole article is worth repeating here.

"DSLWP-A1/A2 Updated: 15 Nov 2016 

Supporting Organisation Harbin Institute of Technology 

Headline Details:

DSLWP is a lunar formation flying mission for low frequency radio astronomy, amateur radio and education, consists of 2 microsatellites. The amateur radio station onboard DSLWP-A1 will provide telecommand uplink and telemetry / digital image downlink. An open telecommand is also designed to allow amateurs to send commands to take and download an image.

They have a volume of about 50x50x40 cm3 and a mass of about 45 kg.

2 linear polarization antennas are mounted along and normal to the flight direction. The satellites are 3-axis stabilized. Proposing A1 downlinks on 435.425 MHz and 436.425 MHz and A2 downlinks on 435.400 MHz and 436.400 MHz using 10K0F1DCN or 10K0F1DEN with 250 bps GMSK with concatenated codes or JT65B.

Planning a launch into a 200 x 9000km lunar orbit in June 2018.

Further info at "
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China and Saudi Arabia to cooperate on lunar explore. MOU for Chang E-4 lunar mission was signed between CNSA and KACST on 16 Mar.