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SpaceX General Section / Re: SpaceX Core Spotting
« Last post by vaporcobra on Today at 11:15 PM »
Not a Falcon, but one of the Cargo Dragon articles/mockups stored at the docks has been moved to Mr Steven's berth in the last few days. Photo from Pauline Acalin :)
ISS Section / Re: Recycling ISS for Gateway
« Last post by redliox on Today at 11:13 PM »
The whole point of LOP-G is to give something for SLS and Orion to do. Reusing stuff that was brought up by the Shuttle does nothing for that goal.

Correct.  However it takes "something to do" and gives options using existing hardware.
Indian Launchers / Re: GSAT-7A - GSLV - September 2018
« Last post by Steven Pietrobon on Today at 11:03 PM »
Well, this article is saying GSAT 7A is being launched by Arianespace!

"While the GSAT-7A is expected to be launched on board the Ariane 5 rocket from Kourou, French Guiana in the second half of 2018,..."
Q&A Section / Re: Orion Spacecraft Q & A
« Last post by theinternetftw on Today at 10:49 PM »
Do we have any reliable statement or estimate for the per-unit cost / cost per build of the Orion spacecraft?

According to this presentation from Edgar Zapata (page 10, pdf warning) it's $980M per-unit production costs if you build one a year, $654M if you build two a year, and $1,672M if you build less than one a year.
SpaceX Mars / Re: Time for NASA to buy Tickets?
« Last post by sleepy-martian on Today at 10:49 PM »
I think it's too early for anyone to really consider buying human ticket on BFR to Mars.

While yes, SpaceX has achived quite a whole lot in their lifetime, you can't just assume that the whole BFR/BFS development will go flawlessly and by 2024 they will have a ship that is doing what they're envisioning for they price they say that it will cost.

A lot of the aspects of the Spacecraft haven't even been fully designed yet!

I also think SX isn't nearly as hostile towards NASA as a lot of people here make them out to be. Gwynn has said that they anticipate receiving some (additional) government funding for BFR development ()

I fully expect that as BFR gets closer to reality we will see some joint missions announced, and the first cargo ships will probably also carry some sort of NASA made equipment.

Remember, SX does not want to do this alone, they just want to build the highway for everyone else to travel on

According to the latest news, SpaceX has around 20 people working on BFR right now.

Quote on that number? Wasn't that just the people sighted in / around the temporary construction tent?
I think out of 6000 employees way more should be busy with BFR already, just considering the efforts needed to build a factory / choose and order the tooling and so on.

Though I guess it depends on how you define working on BFR, if you count all the related experiments like building the test tank and so on ...
Some pics of the current work site. There are also some new signs marking the different SpaceX gates used.
A  - control center
B1- ?
B2- current work site
C1- antennas
C2- solar
D - 17 LBJ
E - crane shed
F1- graveled area next to space mountain
F2- space mountain
SpaceX Mars / Re: Time for NASA to buy Tickets?
« Last post by cebri on Today at 10:42 PM »
As others have pointed out, BFR needs to fly, SLS needs to get canceled and Congress has to choose BFR as the replacement for SLS for this to happen.

According to the latest news, SpaceX has around 20 people working on BFR right now. I don't know if that is counting the Raptor team, maybe not. So we know BFR is still a small project for SpaceX until Block V is regularly flying and DragonV2 gets certified by NASA. We are talking beggining of serious development maybe by the end of next year if everything goes well.

SLS needs to get canceled. Right know, and until a more capable rocket dwarfs SLS, be it BFR or New Amstrong, SLS is safe. Is the only super heavy lifter with some unique payload capabilities.

If SLS gets canceled, there is no guarantee Congress is going to chose SpaceX as its provider. I'm sure Boeing, LM or BO would be happy to provide NASA with heavy lift rockets to go to Mars Moon. It will a tough competition, and having the best solution doesn't mean you are going to win.
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