Author Topic: ESA/JAXA - BepiColombo updates  (Read 35220 times)

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Re: ESA/JAXA - BepiColombo updates
« Reply #100 on: 09/28/2017 03:17 PM »
Cross-posts from Arianespace launch schedule thread:

BepiColombo launch date decision: unchanged.  NET October 5, 2018; NLT November 30

JWST launch delayed to 2019, date TBD.
Susanne Auer‏ @AuerSusan
An interesting detail from the #Arianespace #IAC2017 presentation:
#BepiColombo will launch 2018
#JWST one year later in 2019 #ESA #NASA

I should clarify that that "one year later" here just means in 2019, not "365 days after BepiColombo". I could have phrased that better in the tweet.

Original source is Jacques Breton, Arianespace VP Sales & Customers, speaking at IAC2017

Calapine aka Susanne Auer

Clash of launch site preparation places with BepiColombo which has a planetary launch window to chase in October 2018.

My opinion: not unexpected, given the celestial mechanics "facts of life."
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