Author Topic: Missile & Rocket Launches: The Cape - 1963 Educational Documentary  (Read 769 times)

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Missile & Rocket Launches: The Cape - 1963 Educational Documentary

wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage
Published on Sep 7, 2017

This film, produced by the United States Air Force Missile Test Center, highlights events at Cape Canaveral (later renamed Cape Kennedy) during 1963 including missile and rocket launches, both successful and malfunctions. Shows construction of the Titan III facility, a sequence covering Maj. Cooper's launch in MA-9 Faith 7 and recovery, dining-in ceremony honoring Air Force astronauts and Dyna-Soar pilots. Includes tour by President John F. Kennedy on 16 November and memorial for President Kennedy on 25 November, with assembled troops and scenes of Brig. Gen. Harry J. Sands, Jr. Vice Comdr., AFMTC, speaking.

Detailed scene synopsis:
ECU of missile engine firing from remote camera.
LS launch of Bumper No. 8, a German V-2/WAC Corporal on 24 July 1950.
AMLS of two F-106As in flight to right.
ALS of launch complexes.
LS of Titan II launch--shows climb, missile exploding and huge ball of fire.
LS launch of Titan II, programmed flight and separation of first stage--intercut with scene of tracking camera in operation.
Onboard footage from camera mounted on second stage of Titan II, showing first stage separation.
LS of tracking stations down Atlantic missile range.
ALS of the USS H. H. ARNOLD missile tracking ship.
ELS of re-entry vehicle re-entering the atmosphere.
AVs of JC-130B equipped with trapeze structure snatching aero-kite balloon suspended from ship.
LS high angle of AF Missile Test Center.
INT scenes in EDP room with personnel at main console and checking magnetic tape.
MS of Gemini being lowered inside building with several personnel watching.

This film has been made available courtesy the US Department of Defence, and the US National Archives.

Tony De La Rosa