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Re: Spacex revenue opportunity
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Could they add at least 2 more seats to Dragon 2 because there would be room forward (no docking hatch or mechanism needed)? So maybe 7 paying customers? Would need a "milk stool" to keep height alignment at 39A, but if there is money in suborbital, maybe they could build Boca Chica to support it.
I imagine a nominal combined system that launches and lands all together. Put a hatch through the heatshield to a new pressurized trunk that can have large windows and room to move. Would still detach if needed after stabilizing an abort trajectory. Whole system would stay as one piece - Say 3 or four engines up and one down. Landing on the Falcon 9 first stage legs. If block five is as good as the claims, the whole system could be moved back to the launch pad, or D2+trunk detached and re-attached before next launch. Go 100 km up and maybe only 5km out. Control G's at each end. SpaceX could basically fill in any empty weeks at whatever launch site they adapted.
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