Author Topic: Wormhole entanglement and firewall paradox  (Read 1395 times)

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Wormhole entanglement and firewall paradox
« on: 07/11/2017 01:09 PM »
Hi, Just stumbled across this. I don't really know if it is new or already discarded. It just sounded interesting. It is new physics and it probably does have some relevance to spacetravel: hold off jumping into that black hole for at least a bit till they sort this out :)

The reason I stumbled across it was because I was wondering if the expansion of the universe would get around some wormhole paradoxes. Anything FTL has a list of paradoxes and for wormholes I think one of the outcomes was massive radiation if ever you tried to construct one, that would destroy the wormhole.

However the expansion of the universe means you could use sublight travel to put wormhole ends in locations that were otherwise not causally connected anymore, and a bunch of paradoxes would go away, and I was wondering if at the same time problems like that massive radiation would go away. I was also wondering if there was a connection between entangled particles and wormholes.

(All random layman musings without any mathematical foundation)
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