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FAILURE: IRNSS-1H, PSLV C39, SLP, August 31, 2017 (13:30 UTC)

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--- Quote ---The ISRO is readying one of the two back-up navigation satellites IRNSS-1H to replace it in space in the second half of this year. IRNSS-1A was launched in July 2013 and has an expected lifespan of 10 years.
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IRNSS-1H payload flagged off from SAC on 4th May 2017.


--- Quote from: vineethgk on 06/16/2017 05:44 PM ---PSLV C39 carrying IRNSS-1H scheduled for late July or early August

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ISRO: After PSLV-C38 success, Isro sets focus on next PSLV-C39 launch by August first week

Noticed a large truck on the Sriharikota Road with LPSC written on its back in the first week of July. I surmise, in all likelihood, it was the 2nd stage of PSLV for the August 2017 launch.


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