Author Topic: NSF Master Plan for 2017 onwards (Help create it)  (Read 34417 times)

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Re: NSF Master Plan for 2017 onwards (Help create it)
« Reply #120 on: 01/31/2017 07:33 AM »
I don't like change. Let's keep everything the same.

Thats why you moved to a new area where the ground is dug out and landscape is remodeled on a daily basis... right.. ;)

Back on topic.. I would like to be able to like posts on the mobile version of the site. Yes, likes are not an essential tool but especially in L2, when I read the posts on my way to work, I have to remember all the insider infos that I intend to like and then the 120s-delay throws additional logs in my rusty memory.

I also would like for L2 to have a different background color than the rest of the forum. That visual clue will more easily stick in the brain and its actually easier to remember which piece of information can be discussed in the public threads and which not.

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Re: NSF Master Plan for 2017 onwards (Help create it)
« Reply #121 on: 02/13/2017 02:08 PM »
Hope this is the right place for "suggestion box" items.

I like to browse by unread threads.  However, if I check back after the weekend (like just now) there are just too many so I browse unread threads section by section.  Once I've opened the threads of interest to other tabs I then select the "MARK READ" button.  This puts my browser back to the top of the  Forums page.  I then need to page down to get back to where I left off.  I would rather be directed to the Forums page at the section I just finished browsing. So if I just finished browsing the SpaceX section I'd like the MARK READ button to put me here.  This facilitates moving down the forum section by section.  ... Thanks!
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Re: NSF Master Plan for 2017 onwards (Help create it)
« Reply #122 on: 09/05/2017 06:28 PM »
I'd like the option to get email notifications of posts with x number of likes in any thread.