Author Topic: Inter Partes Review of Blue Origin Sea Landing Patent - Petition & Exhibits  (Read 31743 times)

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Exactly. Here's an example (WARNING: patent link, if you can't look at patents, don't click!) of how to do it right.

I've now read the claims of the BO patent, and skimmed through the text, and I'm very disappointed. The point of the patent system is to induce people to share their newly found insights for the ultimate benefit of all, in exchange for a temporary monopoly. This patent doesn't contain any insights. It's just a really broad overview of how you would launch a multi-stage rocket from land and land it on an ocean platform, if you did everything in the obvious way. No one actually trying to do this can learn anything from this patent, which is unsurprising, since the "inventors" didn't actually do anything like it themselves. If the USPTO were half as good as the NSF moderators, it would have been sent back with a note that it's "low quality", that it's "not rocket science" that this is not a good patent, and that they "should know better", signed Chris Bergin. But alas.

You know what? I bet we could find a mention of every single technique or idea mentioned in the claims of that patent on this forum, posted before the patent was published on March 25, 2014. Maybe even before June 15, 2008, although it probably wouldn't count as prior art. Anyone up for a challenge?

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The claims start with some overly broad ones that will never hold up in court.
And this is normal practice in patenting? Yet another sign that patent system is broken.
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