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Re: SNC Dream Chaser UPDATE Thread
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While SNC is focused for now on developing the cargo version of Dream Chaser, the company has not closed the door on developing a crew version. Lindsey said the company recently signed a five-year unfunded extension of its CCiCap agreement with NASA to support potential future development of a crewed vehicle.

“We have some unfunded milestones where NASA will come in and look at our requirements and how we’re developing our cargo vehicle, look at the path or trace to the crewed vehicle, and help us out,” he said of the extended agreement with NASA. “We’re going to do cargo first, and do the best we can with cargo and prove out the vehicle,” he said, “but our intent some day is to go back to crew as well. How and when is TBD.”
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Re: SNC Dream Chaser UPDATE Thread
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Published on 12 Sep 2017
Watch as our Dream Chaser® spacecraft was carried beneath a Columbia Helicopter over Edwards Air Force Base in California on August 30, 2017. This test, also known as the Captive Carry, is one of many milestones happening at NASA’s Armstrong flight Research Center leading up to a free flight later this year.

0:00 - 47:00: Analysis with Sierra Nevada Corporation's Kimberly Schwandt and Steve Lindsey/Facebook LIVE Q&A
47:00 - 58:50: Captive Carry lift-off