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A new Q&A thread for the Chinese launchers.

I'm searching for information about the CZ-2D Chang Zheng-2D launch vehicle. The CGWIC gives some figures about this launcher but other sites give other distinctive numbers.

Does anyone has some trustworthy numbers for the CZ-2D vheicle characteristics?


There are two many parameters. Tell me which are the main parameters of your interest. I can dig it out for you.


--- Quote from: powerplay2009 on 12/09/2010 01:17 PM ---There are two many parameters. Tell me which are the main parameters of your interest. I can dig it out for you.

--- End quote ---

The main parameters I have for the CZ-2D are the following. Are they correct?
                                       Stage 1  Stage 2 Vernier engines
Dimeter (m)                3,35   3,35   
Stage length (m)                27,910   10,9   
Mass (kg)                192.700   39.550   
Propolent mass (kg)   183.200   35.550   
Propolent   N2O4/UDMH   N2O4/UDMH   N2O4/UDMH
Engine                             YF-20B   YF-23   4 x YF-25
Força (kN)                2.961,6   742,04   47,1
Specific impulse (m/s)   289   297   282
Spf impulse (sea level) (s)   259   260   260
Burn time (s)                170   295   ???

Mass (kg)      232.250   
Lenth (m)      41,056   
Fairing diameter (m)   3,35   
Fairing length (m)      6,983   
Payload capacity SSO (kg)   1.300   

There is also a streched version of the CZ-2D. What are the main differences?

--- Quote ---The CZ-2D is a two-stage, liquid-propellant launch vehicle designed mainly for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions, with an LEO payload of 3,700kg. A total of 10 launches were carried out between 1992 and 2008, all from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre.

The CZ-2D is generally carries UDMH/N2O4 for all stages. The first stage uses a YF-21B motor consisting of four 65,000kg-thrust YF-20 chambers motors with swinging nozzles. The second stage has a YF-24F rocket motor consisting of one 75,000kg-thrust YF-22B main motor with fixed nozzles, and a YF-23F swivelling venire motor with four chambers motors that produce a total thrust of 4,700kg. The launcher also features a McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing Aerospace) PAM-D upper stage providing 66,700 lb of thrust.

The ChangZheng 2D is available in two versions: Type A with a 2.90m-diameter fairing and Type B with a 3.35m-diameter fairing.
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