Author Topic: The Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) Updates Thread (NET 2017)  (Read 250145 times)

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From Anatoly Zak:
How MLM Nauka module's tanks will be repaired

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Latest Nauka news: "Washing Machine" for the contaminated propellant tanks ready:
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Latest from Anatoly Zak: The practice run resulted in a leaky test article, so the schedule is under evaluation again.  Launch date is currently NET February 2019.

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We don't see never to dock this module. I'm very sad!

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(registration to see the full article is free)

"ADELAIDE, Australia—Russia does not plan to launch its new science lab to the International Space Station (ISS) until late 2018, likely prolonging the country’s scaled-down staffing of the orbital base, which frees an extra seat aboard Soyuz capsules for NASA or U.S. partners ahead of upcoming commercial space taxis."
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